Wednesday, January 26, 2011

VIP For A Night!

Since I have my dinner photos in my dying lappie, I decided to blog about it to lure you guys back to reading my blog! Haha...erm nevermind.
So last Friday, it was the seniors' turn to sit back and relax while enjoying everything that the 3rd Years had installed for us!

The dinner was held at Cititel Penang and we were supposed to reach there by 6.30pm..
But girls being girls, my friend and I reached there at 7.00pm only to find out that we were quite late and everybody else (except the seniors) had gone into the hall!

Our arm sticker! Whatever you call that.
I kinda liked the idea because it made us feel very...special. :)

Nevertheless, before we got into the dinner hall, my friends and I managed to get our photos snapped and guess what!
The photo below won us the Best Pose Award and nevermind the prize...haha.

A line-up of beautiful girls for your eyes only!

Oh I forgot to mention that the theme of the night was "Walk of Fame".
So when the seniors were ushered into the hall, everyone stood up and applaud us while we strutted down the hall on the red carpet like real VIPs!

Although I'm not quite sure why they had to clap their hands..kinda feel awkward. Haha.
I guess it's to suit the theme..

After that, photos snapping as usual between performances!

My girls!

My dailou and I.
We were both nominated for the Prom King & Queen but sadly I didn't win!

Of course being nominees for such awards require us to answer some questions.
The question which I got was, "Which body part am I most satisfied with?"
Without much thought and hesitation (I do that a lot when I'm nervous, yeah I practically stop thinking when I'm nervous), I said, "My butt".
Reason? Because it's FIRM.
Hey, I wasn't kidding ok! I'm really proud of my butt but too bad only I can be the judge on how true that is. Hahaha.

Anyway, being the previous school flower (for those who don't understand, it's called Xi Hua in Chinese..that's all I can explain to you for now), I was invited to present a new award they came up with this year: The Prince & Princess Award.
So what I had to do was to go up the stage with the junior school grass (haha sounds a tad funny) or Xi Chao and of course, going up to the stage was nothing for me.

That's me right there looking at the winners for Prince & Princess awards.

But to go up to the stage and deliver my speech in MANDARIN was definitely killing me.
As expected, I screwed up a little bit but I'm glad my mistake entertained everyone. Boohoo. Hahah.

After my "butt" answer, a lot of people started teasing me about it, jokingly, of course.
I don't mind because at least now my butt gets more attention. HAHAHHAHA.

This picture was supposed to compare our butts but it was taken a lil too high up hee.

My pretty adik! It's a system USM has.

From freshman to senior! A complete "family"! Makes me kinda feel old..

With Serena, the Queen!

And more photos!

My year's Xi Chao and yours truly!

Georgians of the night! :)

This is a bunch of awesome friends whom I worked with for an event last year!
You guys rock! :)

Finally a picture of me with the backdrop which was supposed to resemble the one in Hollywood where celebrities stop and pose for the paparazzis before entering the hall etc.

The last pic of the night!
I personally love this pic because it looks different from the rest. Haha. :P

Anyway, among all the 4 Materials Night which I've attended throughout my uni life, I'd say this is the BEST (no thus far because it's my last :( ) because they involved all the students from all the years.

I remember when I was in 1st and 2nd year, all I did was sitting down at the dinner table and eat while enjoying the performances and snapped pictures here and there.
Not that I didn't enjoy myself for the past years but this year, the juniors really did a great job!
Their performances were really lengthy (and not boring fyi) and I bet the VIPs (hehe) did enjoy themselves!

Thank you for the great time! :) I had fun!

ps: Did I mention I did my own hair?? But too bad the curls couldn't last long and went out of shapes right after I reached the hotel!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Special Day!

It's my 7th Anniversary with Babe! Hop on to his blog to see what he wrote about us on this special day!

I really hate it when I have inconsistent internet connection and laptop that dies every 1 hour plus.
Sheeesh, there goes my Nuffnang earnings!!! Gahhh.


Hopefully will have time for a proper update soon..CNY is coming!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Deaths In A Flash

Hello everyone....*cricket sound* *wipes the dust away from my blog*

So I'm back here again after more than a week of hiatus.
As most of you would have already guessed it, my laptop failed me and I have no plans on reviving it until the world comes to an end.
Okie maybe I'm just kidding.

Right now, as I'm typing this on a friend's laptop (she lends me a laptop for one whole week because she's away for a week! So nice, right!!), I have both happy and sad thoughts which have been clouding my mind.

Let's start with the sad thoughts because I don't feel like ending my blog post with such emotional feelings.

Just more than a week ago, as I was browsing through my facebook page as usual, I came across a couple of my friends' statuses which mentioned the passing of someone I knew by name.
I was taken aback and could barely believe what my eyes saw.
I told Babe about it and he confirmed the matter later on.
Although I might not know him personally, I hope he'll rest in peace and condolences to his family and friends.

And just recently, I got to know about my friend's relative who just passed away during the weekend.
I may not know the reason behind the death, but I saw the tears in her eyes when she told me about it.
My heart sank but I held back my tears (athough there were already tears in my eyes because I have flu) hoping to look stronger.
I didn't know what to do to make her feel better but I hope she'll be alright when she's back.

Just yesterday, my mom was telling me and her friend that there are usually more deaths in the beginning of the year before Chinese New Year.
I wanted to disagree with her by saying that I believe death happens all year round, but I can't because she was somewhat right.
Just as I've mentioned, 2 people who are close to the people I know passed away this month and I remember a few more in the recent years around this time as well.

And if you've been keeping yourself updated with the news, I'm sure you would come across the flash floods in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which took more than 600 lives and as well as the one in Queensland, Australia.

What do you feel when you see this amount of caskets laying around?

I wanna write about how I feel about the deaths but I don't think I should because I have deadlines to meet within these 2 weeks and I know it might sound selfish the way I say it but I'll remember to keep them in my prayers.

But lives seem to be taken away too easily these days.
Just be sure to appreciate everyone you love/hate because our life is too precious to be taken for granted.
Love more, judge less, stay safe and be a happier person as long as you live. :)

Oh and about the happy thoughts, it'll have to be my anniversary next week! :)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

My First Post of 2011

HOLA! How's everyone doing in the beginning of the 2nd week of 2011??
I hope everyone's well!

Well, today I found out that my lappie adapter MIGHT be fine, which means my lappie is NOT.
So, tomorrow I'll have to send my lappie to the hospital (Toshiba Hospital, my lappie is so lucky to be admitted to a branded private hospital)!
Hopefully it won't cost me a bomb to repair it. :(

I'm back, safe and sound in my room as of now and here's a picha of me taking a random photo of myself because I realised the ceilling is reflective when I was alone and bored and waiting for the delayed Air Asia flight at Stansted Airport.

Spot me! spot me!

So anyway, I've been meaning to continue where I left in my last year's blog post but I can't because my lappie only can survive for about an hour on battery before it dies again.
Then I have to charge it again for a few hours and then use the one hour battery again and then charge get the drift.

So my 2011 has been okay so far, not gonna say it's awesome because it's not really and it's not that bad either.
Oh oh I bought a new pair of aviators from Hidung Nose!!

So here's a pic of me before my aviators.

Hahahahah okie fine that's not necessary, it's just me being vain. :P

And this is me with my newly bought aviators!

Okie fine so it looks a tad big on me but it's alright!
Because it's affordable and I can look like some biker girl wtf.

Oh and I was vaining with my aviators halfway then I realised this:

No, no, nothing to do with my long neck (as weird as my position may be) but read the caption!
So I was taking my pic halfway and suddenly noticed my sis' bag was in the pic as well!

So as you can see, I call it the identity crisis bag because the skin obviously shows Burberry but the logo is Polo (you know the one with an equestrian)!
But it costs quite a bomb ok!
So it should be genuine right since it was bought at a reputable shopping centre??
Or is it some imitation/inspired good??

I choose to not believe the latter.

Life is good.


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