Monday, December 13, 2010

A Note At 6am

Sending love to my friends and readers all the way from London!
So I've reached London safe and sound via Air Asia X yesterday night and now I'm jet lagged.

It's 6am in the morning and I've only slept for like 4 hours since I reached?
My flight reached 20mins earlier than the ETA...not bad!
I took several pics of the food I had in the plane and it was not as bad as many claimed how the plane food sucks..
It would have been better if it wasn't for my flu though!!
Horrible flu I tell all started last Friday after some dancing..sheesh.
And it would have been better too if it wasn't for the 2 kids I sat with.


But I didn't think that I would survive a 13-hour flight like I did!
Bravo to myself!

Will update again soon when I get my things sorted out..and I realised with such thick clothings, I rarely have the initiative to take pictures..
I mean, feeling so bulky everywhere doesn't really make one comfortable to smile in pics, no?

Nonetheless, I will get used to it hopefully and embrace my blog and you with nice London pics!


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