Friday, December 3, 2010

Cameron Highlands With Love!

I've been contemplating on what to update on my blog..
Don't get me wrong, I have way too many things to blog about but I've been very lazy ever since my exams ended!

Anyhow, as I was browsing through my photo albums, I realized I haven't blogged about my trip to Cameron Highlands!
As usual, back in the 3rd quarter of this year, most of my holidays/weekends were spent with Babe.
Short but sweet our holiday was, we managed to squeeze in as many plans as possible for the weekends!

It was my first time going there after almost 23 years of my life!! Believe it or not..
Amd this trip was actually a surprise for me!
He wouldn't wanna reveal where we're going although I've already sort of figured out when he asked me to bring thicker clothings. Haha.

So, Babe drove us there and while waiting to check in to the Equatorial Hotel, we headed to do what peeps normally do in Cameron - pluck strawberries!

Babe & I getting excited to pluck the strawberries!

An odd-looking strawberry.

The farm!

It's kinda hard to miss the location of the farm because it's located right at the junction to turn into the hotel!

Someone's looking happy! :)

Don't you just love the bright color of the strawberries?

My eyes looked rather weird here but I was happy so yay! :)

After checking in, we decided to have dinner in the hotel because we didn't really do any homework on where to explore in Cameron Highlands...

With love.

Oh erm there are more pics in my Red Devil's album but I got kinda lazy to extract them and resize and all so we'll have to deal Babe's dslr!

Anyway, after dinner, the hotel staff suggested us to check out the night market just down the road.

Searching for souvenirs!

Ended up getting nothing because I'm too fussy! :P

Next day, we woke up to the beautiful and cooling scenery!

Breakfast was as usual in the hotel but if I remember correctly, the choices were rather limited..

Before we left Cameron for good, Babe and I strolled around the hotel area...

....until we didn't know what else to do.

Lesson learnt: DO, DO, DO your homework before travelling to a new place to avoid wasting of time.

Then I remembered I brought along a bottle of soap bubble to play there!

So we decided to start by blowing the bubbles from the hotel window...

...and in the bathroom....

...and vain at the same time... the hotel garden...

....and continue at an empty field outside the hotel....

....right up to the hotel porch...

This pic makes me look as though I am wearing braces!

Now I can imagine how I look like wearing them! Haha.


....and not forgetting blowing them in the hotel's indoor pool!

So people, to avoid indulging yourselves in such activities, please bear in mind to plan ahead!

I don't mean my Cameron trip was boring, just that it could have been better.

Posing with nice looking leaves. Somehow it seems weird the more I look at the pic.

Equatorial Hotel in Cameron Highlands!

Okie..if you realised, I'm being less narrative in this entry because my laptop died this morning.

I don't know how to revive it and it's not easy to get used to typing on my sis' keyboard.

Sigh..any kind souls out there who can offer some help for my laptop please?


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