Friday, December 31, 2010

On The Last Day of 2010

.....I am still awake at 2.21am (GMT) trying to do my Final Year Report (FYP).
I know it sounds taxing but I think I concentrate too much on Facebooking instead of writing my report and I had a nap I'm actually quite awake now!

Anyway, how has 2010 treated you guys?
I hope it was is much better than the year before!

Like any other year, for me this year definitely had its ups and downs but I'm pretty sure it'll only get better! *optimistic
I'm still in London but am so glad that the weather is much more tolerable now!
It's still cold but at least now my hands and feet don't feel as cold anymore! :D

So I guess this is just another short update to wish everyone who has been reading my blog:


Just remember to celebrate it with a bang!

And before I bid this year goodbye, I'd like to give all of you a real bear hug!!



Can feel the love or not!! :D


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Ho! (Crap, same title as my Christmas 2008 post!)


Hope you guys will have a great Christmas with your loved ones! :)

I'm still in the cold cold London but despite the weather, I still love this place mainly because of the crazy sales during this time of the year!

I'll be back soon enough!

Till then, have a great holiday!

ps: And yes, a white Christmas indeed! :)


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

KL With The Girls!

2 weeks ago, CY and I decided to go on an impromptu road trip to KL..
It wasn't planned and we were just there to basically unwind from all the exam stress and her working life.

CY suggested to drop by Taiping to have lunch at a place which is supposedly famous for its crab porridge!
We left Penang around 12pm and by 2 something, we reached our lunch venue!

The makan place!

Crab porridge! Yums! :)

Some fried squid I think..

Vegetable! Not too sure what it's called in never good in naming green vegetables somehow..possibly a lil retarded. =.=

Fish! Don't know the name of the fish too..okie. Naming fishes is even tougher for me..except for goldfish and the clown fish!

What's inside the difficult to eat the crab! I actually thought they would have taken out the flesh instead of cooking the crab together with the shell on..

I think we ordered one too many dishes..the food was good though but I felt bad for not being able to finish it!
We even spent like almost 2 hours for the lunch itself..nonetheless, thanks, CY for the treat! :)

Then we continued our road trip to KL and we reached around 6 something!
6 hours plus of driving...felt kinda exhausted!

Anyway, after picking up Evelyn, we headed to The Gardens to sing our heart out at RedBox!

It was my 1st time there and I really love how posh the place looks!
Way much better than the old one in Gurney...I haven't been to the new one so hopefully it's better now!

X'Mas deco!

By the time we reached there, the available package comes with a buffet dinner..
It's really not worth it if you can't eat much but the buffet was not bad!

The buffet area.

Sushi is included in the buffet! :)

This was the moment I officially have craze over Super Junior...but thank god my laptop went kaput cos if not I'll be watching the Bonamana video without fail every single day!! :X

Some random pics we took while singing! Hehe.

Ahya, would have been a nice pic if not for the flash.. :(

On our way back to the car after 4 hours of non stop singing.. -.-"

We even took some pics with the Christmas deco in The Gardens!
Why is everything so cheerful and merry and nice during this season!
Can't say the same for CNY definitely!!

With Eve!

CY who is always busy on the phone even on a Friday (mid)night...

Just thought that these wall drawers look cute!
They are not real drawers of course! :)

Couldn't stop laughing when we were trying to mimic the pose..haha!

That's all for now! Will continue with our 2nd Day in KL soon enough!


Monday, December 13, 2010

A Note At 6am

Sending love to my friends and readers all the way from London!
So I've reached London safe and sound via Air Asia X yesterday night and now I'm jet lagged.

It's 6am in the morning and I've only slept for like 4 hours since I reached?
My flight reached 20mins earlier than the ETA...not bad!
I took several pics of the food I had in the plane and it was not as bad as many claimed how the plane food sucks..
It would have been better if it wasn't for my flu though!!
Horrible flu I tell all started last Friday after some dancing..sheesh.
And it would have been better too if it wasn't for the 2 kids I sat with.


But I didn't think that I would survive a 13-hour flight like I did!
Bravo to myself!

Will update again soon when I get my things sorted out..and I realised with such thick clothings, I rarely have the initiative to take pictures..
I mean, feeling so bulky everywhere doesn't really make one comfortable to smile in pics, no?

Nonetheless, I will get used to it hopefully and embrace my blog and you with nice London pics!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

What I've Been Up To?

Hello hello hello!

Hope you who are now reading this still remember this poor blog!
So yes, I've been MIA for almost a week again..
As I mentioned in my previous post, my lappie was pretty upset with me that it decided to go against me..or so I thought.

So after months of not realizing (could have been) the actual problem, I went to ask help from all possible sources...from family to friends (and bf) and even went back to the company where I bought my lappie from.

Babe helped me all the way from London by teaching me how to reboot my laptop and I actually tried all the possible ways but it didn't actually help..
Then, lo and behold, once I put my laptop entirely on battery instead of the AC adapter, my laptop is alive!!
I almost cried with joy!

So yes, if you don't get it, let me explain again..
After rebooting my lappie (thinking that it might help), it still didn't work when I have my adapter on (without the battery).
One fine day, I decided to attach only the battery to my laptop and wala! My laptop is as good as new..yes..NEW.
Just like the day when I first bought it!

Luckily..I didn't lose much of my data because knowing that this day will come, I already saved almost everything in my external hard disk before rebooting it! :D
Then when I attached the adapter, my lappie went crazy again!
Been quite illiterate in computers, I think the problem should be my adapter because now I'm relying entirely on my I right?

So I'll have to replace my adapter!!
Which I'll have to do after I come back from my holiday!

Speaking of which, remember I wrote here (oops, no link available because I don't remember which post it was! I really am getting old aren't I...) that I'll be going off to somewhere for a holiday?
Since I'll be flying off this Sunday, I might as well just reveal it now!
I'll be going to visit Babe this Sunday and I'll be back in Malaysia on 3rd January 2011!
If you have no idea where Babe is at now, please read properly again what I've written up there..

Oh before I end this lengthy and filled-with-grandmother's-stories post, I'd like to inform you all that the results for My Selangor Story bloggers competition which I join with Babe last September were out last Tuesday!
The results announcement ceremony was held in DELIcious in Marcs Residences, KL (no idea where it is but nevermind..) but I couldn't attend!
But the most important thing are the results!! Which did not involve yours truly at all. :(

Anyhow, I've listed down the winners here! (In no particular order because I don't know the order at all..)

Grand Prize Winner - Dian
1st Runner Up - Tian Chad
2nd Runner Up - Thristhan
Most Creative Blog - Nicole
Most Interactive Blog - Eyriqazz
Best Video - Babe!
Best Write-Up - Dylan
Best Photos - Feeq


Although I didn't win anything but I brought back with me a lot of wonderful memories and I definitely made a whole lot of great new friends!
So gonna miss these crazy bunch of people!
But I'm sure we'll meet up some time in the future! :)

So I guess that's all for now..I'll blog again before I leave on Sunday hopefully..
Just need to transfer my songs and all sorts of setups to my "virgin" lappie.
Big sigh.

ps: Yes, my Babe won a category too! Now hop on to his blog to see why he won! :)


Friday, December 3, 2010

Cameron Highlands With Love!

I've been contemplating on what to update on my blog..
Don't get me wrong, I have way too many things to blog about but I've been very lazy ever since my exams ended!

Anyhow, as I was browsing through my photo albums, I realized I haven't blogged about my trip to Cameron Highlands!
As usual, back in the 3rd quarter of this year, most of my holidays/weekends were spent with Babe.
Short but sweet our holiday was, we managed to squeeze in as many plans as possible for the weekends!

It was my first time going there after almost 23 years of my life!! Believe it or not..
Amd this trip was actually a surprise for me!
He wouldn't wanna reveal where we're going although I've already sort of figured out when he asked me to bring thicker clothings. Haha.

So, Babe drove us there and while waiting to check in to the Equatorial Hotel, we headed to do what peeps normally do in Cameron - pluck strawberries!

Babe & I getting excited to pluck the strawberries!

An odd-looking strawberry.

The farm!

It's kinda hard to miss the location of the farm because it's located right at the junction to turn into the hotel!

Someone's looking happy! :)

Don't you just love the bright color of the strawberries?

My eyes looked rather weird here but I was happy so yay! :)

After checking in, we decided to have dinner in the hotel because we didn't really do any homework on where to explore in Cameron Highlands...

With love.

Oh erm there are more pics in my Red Devil's album but I got kinda lazy to extract them and resize and all so we'll have to deal Babe's dslr!

Anyway, after dinner, the hotel staff suggested us to check out the night market just down the road.

Searching for souvenirs!

Ended up getting nothing because I'm too fussy! :P

Next day, we woke up to the beautiful and cooling scenery!

Breakfast was as usual in the hotel but if I remember correctly, the choices were rather limited..

Before we left Cameron for good, Babe and I strolled around the hotel area...

....until we didn't know what else to do.

Lesson learnt: DO, DO, DO your homework before travelling to a new place to avoid wasting of time.

Then I remembered I brought along a bottle of soap bubble to play there!

So we decided to start by blowing the bubbles from the hotel window...

...and in the bathroom....

...and vain at the same time... the hotel garden...

....and continue at an empty field outside the hotel....

....right up to the hotel porch...

This pic makes me look as though I am wearing braces!

Now I can imagine how I look like wearing them! Haha.


....and not forgetting blowing them in the hotel's indoor pool!

So people, to avoid indulging yourselves in such activities, please bear in mind to plan ahead!

I don't mean my Cameron trip was boring, just that it could have been better.

Posing with nice looking leaves. Somehow it seems weird the more I look at the pic.

Equatorial Hotel in Cameron Highlands!

Okie..if you realised, I'm being less narrative in this entry because my laptop died this morning.

I don't know how to revive it and it's not easy to get used to typing on my sis' keyboard.

Sigh..any kind souls out there who can offer some help for my laptop please?


My Traveled Map

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