Saturday, November 13, 2010

You Can Make A Difference.

Okie..I don't mean to sound like you can save a child's life or make the world a better place by reading my entry.

How you'd ask?
Well, remember the blogging competition My Selangor Story I joined last September and how much I've been going around to ask for votes?
Apparently the organizer told us that we are left with 1 LAST week to garner for votes!

So, yes, this is me pleading and hoping that there are kind souls out there (read: YOU) who are willing to do me a favor by reading my blog posts and vote for me!
Here are the links!

Post Day 1 and vote here!
Post Day 2 and vote here!
Post Day 3 and vote here!
Post Day 4 and vote here!
Post Day 5 and vote here!
Post Day 6 and vote here!

I've put the links for voting right below my blog header just for your convenience in case you forget to vote and have no idea where to find the links!

How to vote? Click on the links above and click once on the 5th heart on the number of heart(s) you think I deserve for my respective post!

Besides that, if you like it or have queries, please drop me a comment!
I'll gladly answer your questions with my best ability!
Yes, I'll answer them because I like reading my posts too (hahahhahahaha).
I know I'm narcissistic like that. :P

And one last favor I'm asking from you guys is please spread it among your friends and let them know about Selangor (through my blog if possible hahahhaha) and vote for me!!

If you give me 5 hearts, I'll reward you with a virtual hug alright!! ;)

Thanks a bunch!! :)


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