Monday, November 29, 2010

Light Lunch At UPR Segafredo

2 weeks ago, CY and I decided to come out to have a light lunch together.
We went to Segafredo at Upper Penang Road because we didn't know where else to go!
Initially we planned to go to Sunset Bistro in Batu Ferringhi but apparently CY didn't like that place upon reaching there so we ended up in Segafredo instead.

CY looking good with her newly bought shades!

Dining alfresco just to feel the air although it was somewhat polluted but some sun is not too bad I guess. :)

Next is our orders!
CY ordered seafood lasagna!

CY enjoying her meal!

With lotsa cheese and 2 hug shrimps baked with mushroom, tomatoes etc.

That lasagna wasn't really appetizing for a cheese lover like me.
Maybe it was because of the shrimps which I thought were quite hard.
CY didn't even manage to finish it!

As for me, I got myself a sandwich panini.
Reasons for ordering: Cheese, mushroom and affordable! ohgodwhereismybloggingmojo

The panini was alright. No expectations on panini because I've never tried before until then.

After that we headed to Sunshine Farlim to get some desserts!
No pics though! :P

On our way back! Thanks for the ride! :)

Dolled up a bit so didn't wanna waste the moment!
Super vain what to do. :P

Oh and I bought a pair of ribbon earrings from Gurney the other day!
Very feminine looking but I don't think it was worth the price I paid for. :(

What do you think?

Abrupt ending of the post with my picture!

Don't know how to put caption for my photos these days because I just feel so tired everyday.
All I want to do now is to look forward to Christmas and be merry! :D



jiaying said...
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jiaying said...

chiali! a very pretty pair of ear rings! where did you get 'em? how much were they?

oh btw, i'd be coming back to penang this weekend and will be staying for A WEEK! will give u a buzz soon! maybe we can get the other girls to come and meet up for a bit! x

CL said...

Thanks, Jia Ying! I got them from a random booth in Gurney..cost me RM14 I think. My mom says it's worth RM5 only. T__T

Yes, pls fill me in with details! Can't wait! :)

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