Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Luck BB!

It is that time of the year again... Exam!

Dread it love it, it is there to test us and our capabilities. For me, an exam is just another milestone in life and in some ways, how we prepare for exams will reflect how we prepare for the other larger hurdles in our lives.

Of course, we prepare for exams by going to lectures, reading notes, reading books, solving examples and doing exercises. Thus, we learn, In the end, what results befall us would reflect the quality of our preparation, the amount which we have learnt. Should we lose motivation and falter, or lose sight on what we are aiming for, our results will show it.

Here are a few techniques of keeping the motivation:

1) Breakdown the tasks
The only way to eat an elephant is one bit at a time. Even the tinnest bacterium can finish up the elephant! Split large tasks into manageble pieces so that you can bite it up a mouthful at a time!

2) When in doubt, sleep
The brain needs sleep to regenerate vital chemicals to perform its function. After a good nap or sleep, you are more likely to feel better and be more motivated! Go hug your favourite soft toy and relax!

3) Reward yourself
Yes, studies say that we respond positively when we get rewarded for something! Give yourself a treat after you get that piece of work done! A piece of chocolate, 5 minutes nap, a movie! Be creative

4) Attack from all angles
Unfortunately, no one is perfect and it is shown that not everyone learns the same way. Some people are writers, some are readers and some of us are listeners. Hence, to really make sure everything goes in, write, read and listen on the topic!

5) Ask and find out
No one expects you to know the answer, thats why you are studying! If you feel lost, ask a friend, ask your lecturer, ask a forum, ask me! You are bound to find some useful answers!

6) Blood Circulation
Yeap, all that sitting down is not good for your brain thanks to Newton and his gravity. Suggestions: Study upside down. No la. Exercise! To study well, you need to keep a healthy body! Get up, stretch, exercise la!

So what is the point of this post? Well read on!

Relationships are a little bit like exams in the real world, it takes practice, it takes some reading, and definitely takes learning. The same applies, we need motivation to keep in the relationship and we need something we are aiming for. The results will show it.

Now read the above suggestions again and you are sure to find that all of that applies to love as well!

For my next act, I will pull a happy bb out from a hat!

PS. Good luck to BB for your exams!



Miss you!

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