Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Back!

So if you have seen my recent fb status, you would have known that I'm in the middle of my exam period!
But now that I have 2 weeks interval, I think I should revive my blog again (with my own posts that is)!

To kick things off, I'd like to thank Kokd for being the sweetest bf EVER !
I told him that I'll be busy with my exams from November onwards and I'll have difficulties in updating my blog.
So I thought maybe he could could be my guest author to entertain my readers while I'm on a hiatus.

So he did! And he did more than what I asked for! :D Thanks, dear!

Now that I have a new blog layout with feedjit counter and an awesome blog header, I feel so elated!
Do drop me a comment or two on your thoughts about my new blog layout alright! :)

I have another 2 more papers up my sleeves, so I thought I'll just do a quick post for the meantime.
One of the days during my study week break, I went out to....I can't remember.
And I decided to use the Majolica Majorca Mascara I bought last year (which I wrote about here).
Heck, in fact, I've been using it all the while! I love using mascara! :)

If you look closely at the pictures, I only applied ONE coat of mascara.
I never like applying more than a coat because I'll feel that my lashes get pretty heavy after that or maybe I'm just lazy.
And even with one coat, I must say I'm pretty satisfied with it!
Especially when I bought this mascara in February 2009!

Super heavy eyebags and dark circles now.
No thanks to exams. :(

Maybe I should try applying more coats to get a more exaggerative look. Haha.

My lips look very pale and dry here....that's because they have always been that way!
But lately I've been extra hardworking in making sure I don't peel my lips (mostly due to nervousness fml and itchy fingers) hehe.
Will probably do a post about lip care soon!

And a last one because I'm happy with the mascara! Hehe.

ps: Credits to my sister's room because she has a full length mirror in it! But I've recently bought one for myself too! Hehe!

Be back soon loves!


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