Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are You Moist Enough (II)

Remember the Vaseline event I attended in Luna Bar, KL for the Are You Moist Enough contest sometime ago in September?

Well, everyone there received a goodie bag from Vaseline and one of the lotion they gave us was a hand & nail conditioning lotion!

It comes in a small pink bottle! Very handy indeed.

Just so you know, I'm not doing advertisement for Nuffnang or Vaseline (or will I ever get the chance to looking at my number of readers) but I'm just writing this because I've been a really satisfied user of this little small bottle of lotion!

Most of my close family and friends know that I was NEVER a fan of EDT perfumes, scented lotion, etc (I don't even know what does EDT mean beside there is a toilet word in it because I don't really bother).
Somehow the scents and the smell will drive me nuts and I'll probably end up puking in your car if you ever have a Ambipur in it.
Lucky for Babe because then he'll never have to splurge on perfumes for me! Hmmph!

However, the scent from this lotion is very feminine, it gives you that girly touch as you squeeze the lotion out!

It's pink!

I've been using it everyday without fail because every time when I feel stressed (thanks to exams), it manages to give me that relaxing feeling without having to go to spa!
It's currently selling at RM8.90 in Watsons.
For a stingy student like me, I'll definitely think twice before getting a small bottle like this (100ml) for such a price but thanks to Vaseline, I'll probably buy it again once I finish using this since I love how it makes me feel!

Anyway, being a not-so-active twitterer (if that's even the correct way to call peeps who tweet), I came across a link shared by a friend on twitter and it was linked to a blog which was having a hot debate about how Nuffnang has been treating its Malaysian blogger poorly etc.

I'm not trying to stand up for Nuffnang or trying to put any advertising agencies down but there's one thing I'm very dissatisfied about that post is that one of the commenters said that the title "Are You Moist Enough" reminds her of the dirty jokes about using Vaseline as a lubricant.
Worst, the blogger claimed that it could be the horny teenagers who thought of the title??

Come on, call me anything, but when I saw the Vaseline contest post on Nuffnang's page, truth be told, I smirked at it for seconds before continuing to read on what are the things that Vaseline was offering the bloggers for the contest.
Dirty thoughts? Lubricant? Nonsense la.
The only thing that came across my mind was using Vaseline as a lotion for the hand, body, lips, etc.
Never have come I across anyone who told me that Vaseline makes them think of anything naughty.
Perhaps the person herself was the one with the dirty mind.

I may not know a lot of things about marketing and its strategies, but I sure know it did attract a lot of Nuffnang bloggers to join the contest and who wouldn't wanna win a grand prize of RM3k if I'm not mistaken?
That's easy money ok!
And the reason I joined the contest was because I chose to join and I have used Vaseline before the contest so I know how reputable the brand is.
Nuffnang obviously has never forced any of us to join the contest.

And whoever ask you to write review/advertisement for something you don't believe la?
In fact, being a fellow Nuffnanger for 2 years now, I've come across A LOT of female bloggers that write about the same review/advertisement.
(Oh yes, before I was a Nuffnanger, I only read my friends' blogs.)
I must admit, some sound wayyyy too scripted while some wrote it with lots of confidence and humour, which are the qualities I love about the bloggers.

Some bloggers have poor English and were never convincing at all with their stories for the review/advertisement but why do people still read their blogs?
Because they are pretty and have nice figures for the perverts to stare at. Pffft.
That, I have to disagree with Nuffnang for choosing them to blog about reviews/advertisements though because when the stories are not convincing, then there's no point of asking them to do the reviews/advertisements because they (the products) obviously have no impact on the readers.

That's why I chose to read the blogs with real substance, whether they are doing reviews/advertisements because not only I enjoy kaypo-ing around to know about their lives, I also got to know a lot of different products in the market thanks to them.
And I don't give a damn whether they are doing it for Nuffnang or Advertlets or Google, etc. because all I care about is how they make me feel at the end of the day.


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