Monday, November 29, 2010

Light Lunch At UPR Segafredo

2 weeks ago, CY and I decided to come out to have a light lunch together.
We went to Segafredo at Upper Penang Road because we didn't know where else to go!
Initially we planned to go to Sunset Bistro in Batu Ferringhi but apparently CY didn't like that place upon reaching there so we ended up in Segafredo instead.

CY looking good with her newly bought shades!

Dining alfresco just to feel the air although it was somewhat polluted but some sun is not too bad I guess. :)

Next is our orders!
CY ordered seafood lasagna!

CY enjoying her meal!

With lotsa cheese and 2 hug shrimps baked with mushroom, tomatoes etc.

That lasagna wasn't really appetizing for a cheese lover like me.
Maybe it was because of the shrimps which I thought were quite hard.
CY didn't even manage to finish it!

As for me, I got myself a sandwich panini.
Reasons for ordering: Cheese, mushroom and affordable! ohgodwhereismybloggingmojo

The panini was alright. No expectations on panini because I've never tried before until then.

After that we headed to Sunshine Farlim to get some desserts!
No pics though! :P

On our way back! Thanks for the ride! :)

Dolled up a bit so didn't wanna waste the moment!
Super vain what to do. :P

Oh and I bought a pair of ribbon earrings from Gurney the other day!
Very feminine looking but I don't think it was worth the price I paid for. :(

What do you think?

Abrupt ending of the post with my picture!

Don't know how to put caption for my photos these days because I just feel so tired everyday.
All I want to do now is to look forward to Christmas and be merry! :D


Sunday, November 28, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award!

I was recently awarded "One Lovely Blog" Award by Li Ling! Thanks, girl!

Well, according to what was written on her blog here, I was supposed to select 15 newly discovered blogs to pass the award to?

Anyway, so here are the few bloggers I've decided to pass the award to:

Yoke Mun

Okie, so their blogs are not newly discovered....but it shows I've been a loyal reader to them right! :P

It may look as though I randomly picked and selected these blogs, but I really enjoy reading their blogs!
Click on the links to read them!

ps: Just came back from my impromptu trip to KL! Too short but memorable. Will blog about it soon!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are You Moist Enough (II)

Remember the Vaseline event I attended in Luna Bar, KL for the Are You Moist Enough contest sometime ago in September?

Well, everyone there received a goodie bag from Vaseline and one of the lotion they gave us was a hand & nail conditioning lotion!

It comes in a small pink bottle! Very handy indeed.

Just so you know, I'm not doing advertisement for Nuffnang or Vaseline (or will I ever get the chance to looking at my number of readers) but I'm just writing this because I've been a really satisfied user of this little small bottle of lotion!

Most of my close family and friends know that I was NEVER a fan of EDT perfumes, scented lotion, etc (I don't even know what does EDT mean beside there is a toilet word in it because I don't really bother).
Somehow the scents and the smell will drive me nuts and I'll probably end up puking in your car if you ever have a Ambipur in it.
Lucky for Babe because then he'll never have to splurge on perfumes for me! Hmmph!

However, the scent from this lotion is very feminine, it gives you that girly touch as you squeeze the lotion out!

It's pink!

I've been using it everyday without fail because every time when I feel stressed (thanks to exams), it manages to give me that relaxing feeling without having to go to spa!
It's currently selling at RM8.90 in Watsons.
For a stingy student like me, I'll definitely think twice before getting a small bottle like this (100ml) for such a price but thanks to Vaseline, I'll probably buy it again once I finish using this since I love how it makes me feel!

Anyway, being a not-so-active twitterer (if that's even the correct way to call peeps who tweet), I came across a link shared by a friend on twitter and it was linked to a blog which was having a hot debate about how Nuffnang has been treating its Malaysian blogger poorly etc.

I'm not trying to stand up for Nuffnang or trying to put any advertising agencies down but there's one thing I'm very dissatisfied about that post is that one of the commenters said that the title "Are You Moist Enough" reminds her of the dirty jokes about using Vaseline as a lubricant.
Worst, the blogger claimed that it could be the horny teenagers who thought of the title??

Come on, call me anything, but when I saw the Vaseline contest post on Nuffnang's page, truth be told, I smirked at it for seconds before continuing to read on what are the things that Vaseline was offering the bloggers for the contest.
Dirty thoughts? Lubricant? Nonsense la.
The only thing that came across my mind was using Vaseline as a lotion for the hand, body, lips, etc.
Never have come I across anyone who told me that Vaseline makes them think of anything naughty.
Perhaps the person herself was the one with the dirty mind.

I may not know a lot of things about marketing and its strategies, but I sure know it did attract a lot of Nuffnang bloggers to join the contest and who wouldn't wanna win a grand prize of RM3k if I'm not mistaken?
That's easy money ok!
And the reason I joined the contest was because I chose to join and I have used Vaseline before the contest so I know how reputable the brand is.
Nuffnang obviously has never forced any of us to join the contest.

And whoever ask you to write review/advertisement for something you don't believe la?
In fact, being a fellow Nuffnanger for 2 years now, I've come across A LOT of female bloggers that write about the same review/advertisement.
(Oh yes, before I was a Nuffnanger, I only read my friends' blogs.)
I must admit, some sound wayyyy too scripted while some wrote it with lots of confidence and humour, which are the qualities I love about the bloggers.

Some bloggers have poor English and were never convincing at all with their stories for the review/advertisement but why do people still read their blogs?
Because they are pretty and have nice figures for the perverts to stare at. Pffft.
That, I have to disagree with Nuffnang for choosing them to blog about reviews/advertisements though because when the stories are not convincing, then there's no point of asking them to do the reviews/advertisements because they (the products) obviously have no impact on the readers.

That's why I chose to read the blogs with real substance, whether they are doing reviews/advertisements because not only I enjoy kaypo-ing around to know about their lives, I also got to know a lot of different products in the market thanks to them.
And I don't give a damn whether they are doing it for Nuffnang or Advertlets or Google, etc. because all I care about is how they make me feel at the end of the day.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Might Not Wanna Read This...

大家好。这是我第一个 “entry” 用华文来写。我xi wang 你们会di liang 我因为这是我的第一迟。 哈哈哈。Kokd 有更我说guo, 如果我要gen (4th sound) 多人来看huo zhe 度我的 “be lo ke” (blog in mandarin) 的话,我就要写不dong (different)的语院。

Fei hua xiao shuo, zhe yi ge “entry” de mu di bu shi yao lai “show off” wo de hua wen hai shi wo de han yu pin yin de “spelling”. Wo zhi shi yao gen da jia shuo ru guo ni men bu xien chi (yim hei/ scrutinize) de hua, ke yi gen wo jiang hua yu yin wei ren ming bi yue lai yue gao le shuo yi wo xu yao jiang hua yi ru guo wo yao qu zhong guo fa chan wo jue de sheng wei yi ge hua ren, wo bi yao hui jiang hua yu xie zi bu zhong yao la hor.

Wo chong (since) yu zhi yuan dao da xue do mei you qu guo hua xiao. Yuan yin jiu yao wen wo mama. Ta zhi shi song wo de ge ge qu hua xiao. Wo jie jie gen wo liang ke qu ying xiao. Ke shi, wo hen xie tian xie di ying wei wo gen wo jie jie de ying wen bi wo ge ge hao hen duo!! Hahahahaha. Mei you la, shuo zhen de, na shi yi qian de shi. Xian zai wo ge ge mei tian do jiang ying wen yin wei ta de nv peng you bu hui ding fu jian (hokkien) hai shi hua wen. Chan le, wo yi ding yao zai ying da!

Dao xiao xue de shi hou, wo ji de wo you qu shang guo hua wen ke. Mei you qi cuo de hua (If I remember correctly) shi zai san nian zi (Standard 3). Di yi zhi jing na ge ban (classroom) de shi hou, jiu gei lao shi ma le wo yi dun. Wei shen me ne? yin wei wo tai jing zhang le, shuo yi wo jiu 玩 wo de peng you de头发。Ta kan dao jiu ma (scold) wo le. :S na ke lao shi hen xiong de. Yi dian dian jiu yao ma (scold) ren liao. Ge shi, wo hai na dao jui gao fen de leh! Shuo yi jiang, wan zai bang li mian bu shi yi ge wen ti de. 老师教的dong xi 有进nao bu (brain) li mian jiu hao le. Ngek ngek ngek.

Wo nai nai (paternal grandma) you jiang guo wo de jie jie de hua yu bi wo gen hao. Na shi hou ta yi jing shang le ta xue (wo shi jiang wo jie jie bu shi wo nai nai ar) shuo yi ta you gen duo peng you gen ta jiang hua wen. Wo hai zai zhong xue leh! Zheng yang yao bi? Wo bu fo ren wo jie jie de hua wen bi wo hao ke shi ru guo wo zhen de yao jiang hua yi zai zhong xue de hua, wo jiu hui you liang ke ma fan:

1) Lao shi hui ma (scold) wo yin wei zai ying xiao zhi ke yi jiang ying wen hai shi guo yu.

2) Peng you gen beng bu hui ding! Jiang gei shui ding ne??!

Dang shi (But), wo qu le da xue de shi hou, jiu you peng you gen wo jiang hua wen. Wo ji de wo kang kang (just) 进 da xue de shi hou, you ren jiao wo “banana”. 说真的那时后我不明白为什么他们叫我banana 因为我dong 的 “banana” 是 一 zhong 水果(还有一个不si he 小孩子叮的). Tang ran, hou lai wo zhi dao “banana” de ling wai yi ke 意时是深么了。 所以现在我朋有叫我xiang jiao 的时后, 我就会 “show off” 我的华文!哈哈哈!

写到这么chang, 我也不知道有没有人去度。没guan xi, 下一迟我会用真que 的华语字来写。Xi wang 你们喜欢吧!

Ps: yao zu (wish) wo hao yun o~ ying wei wo hai you liang zhang yao gao! Xie xie ni men!! :D

Pps: wo xie zhe ke entry de shi hour zhen de mei you wen dao ren de…

Ppps: Only first and last paragraph and some words have Chinese characters because I’m too lazy to translate all properly...

pppps: Please vote for my competition entries by clicking the links above!! Thanks!

Till next time,


Saturday, November 13, 2010

You Can Make A Difference.

Okie..I don't mean to sound like you can save a child's life or make the world a better place by reading my entry.

How you'd ask?
Well, remember the blogging competition My Selangor Story I joined last September and how much I've been going around to ask for votes?
Apparently the organizer told us that we are left with 1 LAST week to garner for votes!

So, yes, this is me pleading and hoping that there are kind souls out there (read: YOU) who are willing to do me a favor by reading my blog posts and vote for me!
Here are the links!

Post Day 1 and vote here!
Post Day 2 and vote here!
Post Day 3 and vote here!
Post Day 4 and vote here!
Post Day 5 and vote here!
Post Day 6 and vote here!

I've put the links for voting right below my blog header just for your convenience in case you forget to vote and have no idea where to find the links!

How to vote? Click on the links above and click once on the 5th heart on the number of heart(s) you think I deserve for my respective post!

Besides that, if you like it or have queries, please drop me a comment!
I'll gladly answer your questions with my best ability!
Yes, I'll answer them because I like reading my posts too (hahahhahahaha).
I know I'm narcissistic like that. :P

And one last favor I'm asking from you guys is please spread it among your friends and let them know about Selangor (through my blog if possible hahahhaha) and vote for me!!

If you give me 5 hearts, I'll reward you with a virtual hug alright!! ;)

Thanks a bunch!! :)


Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Back!

So if you have seen my recent fb status, you would have known that I'm in the middle of my exam period!
But now that I have 2 weeks interval, I think I should revive my blog again (with my own posts that is)!

To kick things off, I'd like to thank Kokd for being the sweetest bf EVER !
I told him that I'll be busy with my exams from November onwards and I'll have difficulties in updating my blog.
So I thought maybe he could could be my guest author to entertain my readers while I'm on a hiatus.

So he did! And he did more than what I asked for! :D Thanks, dear!

Now that I have a new blog layout with feedjit counter and an awesome blog header, I feel so elated!
Do drop me a comment or two on your thoughts about my new blog layout alright! :)

I have another 2 more papers up my sleeves, so I thought I'll just do a quick post for the meantime.
One of the days during my study week break, I went out to....I can't remember.
And I decided to use the Majolica Majorca Mascara I bought last year (which I wrote about here).
Heck, in fact, I've been using it all the while! I love using mascara! :)

If you look closely at the pictures, I only applied ONE coat of mascara.
I never like applying more than a coat because I'll feel that my lashes get pretty heavy after that or maybe I'm just lazy.
And even with one coat, I must say I'm pretty satisfied with it!
Especially when I bought this mascara in February 2009!

Super heavy eyebags and dark circles now.
No thanks to exams. :(

Maybe I should try applying more coats to get a more exaggerative look. Haha.

My lips look very pale and dry here....that's because they have always been that way!
But lately I've been extra hardworking in making sure I don't peel my lips (mostly due to nervousness fml and itchy fingers) hehe.
Will probably do a post about lip care soon!

And a last one because I'm happy with the mascara! Hehe.

ps: Credits to my sister's room because she has a full length mirror in it! But I've recently bought one for myself too! Hehe!

Be back soon loves!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's new in my blog!

It is not that you cannot be sweet even if you babe is 10,000 miles away. There are many things that one can do to show one cares. This included! Come November 2010, if you noticed, The Chosen One has:

1) A New header!

2) A New background!

3) A Feedjit counter!

4) A Popular posts section at the end!

Enjoy the new design!



PS. Don't so stress with exams okay? Miss you babe!

Good Luck BB!

It is that time of the year again... Exam!

Dread it love it, it is there to test us and our capabilities. For me, an exam is just another milestone in life and in some ways, how we prepare for exams will reflect how we prepare for the other larger hurdles in our lives.

Of course, we prepare for exams by going to lectures, reading notes, reading books, solving examples and doing exercises. Thus, we learn, In the end, what results befall us would reflect the quality of our preparation, the amount which we have learnt. Should we lose motivation and falter, or lose sight on what we are aiming for, our results will show it.

Here are a few techniques of keeping the motivation:

1) Breakdown the tasks
The only way to eat an elephant is one bit at a time. Even the tinnest bacterium can finish up the elephant! Split large tasks into manageble pieces so that you can bite it up a mouthful at a time!

2) When in doubt, sleep
The brain needs sleep to regenerate vital chemicals to perform its function. After a good nap or sleep, you are more likely to feel better and be more motivated! Go hug your favourite soft toy and relax!

3) Reward yourself
Yes, studies say that we respond positively when we get rewarded for something! Give yourself a treat after you get that piece of work done! A piece of chocolate, 5 minutes nap, a movie! Be creative

4) Attack from all angles
Unfortunately, no one is perfect and it is shown that not everyone learns the same way. Some people are writers, some are readers and some of us are listeners. Hence, to really make sure everything goes in, write, read and listen on the topic!

5) Ask and find out
No one expects you to know the answer, thats why you are studying! If you feel lost, ask a friend, ask your lecturer, ask a forum, ask me! You are bound to find some useful answers!

6) Blood Circulation
Yeap, all that sitting down is not good for your brain thanks to Newton and his gravity. Suggestions: Study upside down. No la. Exercise! To study well, you need to keep a healthy body! Get up, stretch, exercise la!

So what is the point of this post? Well read on!

Relationships are a little bit like exams in the real world, it takes practice, it takes some reading, and definitely takes learning. The same applies, we need motivation to keep in the relationship and we need something we are aiming for. The results will show it.

Now read the above suggestions again and you are sure to find that all of that applies to love as well!

For my next act, I will pull a happy bb out from a hat!

PS. Good luck to BB for your exams!



Miss you!

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