Saturday, October 16, 2010

Up, Up & Away!

Whee! Finally I've made up my mind on my pre-graduation trip end of this year!
But to be able to enjoy my trip, I promised Babe that I'll have to do really well this semester.

I've never felt so motivated. Haha!
It's gonna be another first time for us and I can't wait!!!

But at the same time, I need to be really really thrifty from now onwards.
No more good (and expensive) food, movies, hanging out with friends (which eventually leads to good food and sometimes movies) etc.

Nonetheless, this trip will also mean no more 9 months of LDR!
Maximum at least 2 months from now and 6 months after my trip! :D
Boy, I couldn't be happier!

Love you!

So people, please appreciate your loved ones when you can have them around you anytime you want!
But as much as I have suffered throughout these years of LDR, I have always believed that we're gonna have a happy ending.

In fact, I hope we'll only have beginnings and no ending. :)

ps: Not gonna reveal our holiday destination for the moment.. Just stay tuned! :P



Jolynn L said...

hahah CL I dont even need to guess ;)

-J <3

CL said...

Nooooo...haha! Must be that Norman la~ Ish ish. :P

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