Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sticks Bistro At Queens

A few nights before we flew to Selangor for the MSS competition, Babe (notice I used Kokd/KK instead of Babe for the competition posts? I need to maintain my professionalism :P) and I decided to have some drinks in Queens after we did some last minute shopping.

After all, I don't think we actually need to shop for anything because throughout the competition, we were given EVERYTHING! Not that we know initially, of course..

The serviette.

Sticks Bistro has been sticking around in Queens for sometime now but I will usually just walk pass the place because somehow it doesn't really attract my attention.
But I guess it's a nice place to hang out especially at night when the weather is much cooler since it's located directly outside the mall.

The nearest entrance to Queensbay from Sticks.

Apparently there was a football match between Manchester United and Liverpool that night.
Not that I keep myself updated with the league but I support Man U!

Because they used to have Beckham but they have my Owen now so, yay!! :D

Sorry, Liverpool, Owen doesn't want you! :P

Part of the bistro.

In my opinion, the bistro is too dark for my liking.
They should make it brighter a bit, just so that I can read my menu properly.
I'm serious.

And I don't really like using flash, hence explaining most of the pictures were taken without flash.

If I don't flash this tiramisu we had, you'll see nuts!

So anyway, the tiramisu was the only dessert we ordered that night cos baby didn't feel like drinking and I just thought of chilling out before going to uni again.

I miss you. T.T

Yours truly.

That's all for now! Final's in less than a month. I seriously don't wanna screw up again...



Kokd said...

Awww, i miss u too!

CL said...


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