Saturday, October 9, 2010

Post MSS Blog Posts

Good days are hard to come by. Appreciate them while you can.

O-Em-Gee. I spent almost 10 hours each day for the past week, editing pics and writing blog posts.
I'm beginning to lose track of my revision and feel my vision is getting worse.

No kidding, eh.

I see letters in doubles when I look at my laptop.

I am sooo dead.

Oh by the way, to those who have been voting for me, THANK YOU!

I'm very grateful for the votes and I hope you guys don't mind my being such a spammer. :S

BUT, one crucial question to ask you all:


If you haven't, don't fret! I have listed down all the voting links here.
Please click again on the links below if you're not sure whether you have voted or not okie! :)

Vote For Day 1

Vote For Day 2

Vote For Day 3

Vote For Day 4

Vote For Day 5

Vote For Day 6

If you like my posts, please click on the 5th okie! Click once only! :)

And oh, do leave me some comments/opinions on the respective blog posts cause they'll help me in the competition as well!

Thank you!



Anonymous said...

Augustine : nice pic eh !

Kokd said...

Finally BB! Hope u enjoyed your time! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

how are you!This was a really brilliant topic!
I come from itlay, I was fortunate to search your blog in google
Also I learn much in your Topics really thanks very much i will come again

CL said...

August: Thank u! :)

Kokd: I did dear! :* Miss u too.. :(

Anonymous: Thanks!

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