Monday, October 18, 2010

Nuffnang - Vaseline Cocktail Party at Luna Bar!

Oh wow I took forever to post this up!
I bet everyone else who went to the event had already written it long time ago ( Bethleham~, sorry very into Christmas mood nowadays :P) while every one else who was curious because they didn't go to the event had read it at somewhere else's blogs.
Oh well, you know what they say, "Save the best for last!"

I'm so kidding.

Entrance to Luna Bar, 33rd Floor at Menara Panglobal.

Anyhow, this was my first Nuffnang event and I was so excited!
So it was held on the 17th of September at Luna Bar, KL and thanks to my Vaseline entry, I was invited to the event!
Excited giler cos it was my first Nuffnang..wait I think I mentioned that before. Crap.

Oh you know the craziest thing I did?
I took the Plusliner bus down to KL JUST for the event.
I mean, come on, it was my first time (again, OMG) and I was invited because of own my effort (and Babe's too!)!
So I figured that I should attend it and I've always wanted to go to Luna Bar anyway.. :D

And guess who I brought with me!

Evelyn the foxie! :)

Speaking of her reminds me of the whole turmoil I went through just to get myself to Luna Bar on time. Haha.

You see, I didn't know that Evelyn wanted to bring me to Ara Damansara to a game cafe (can't remember the name of the cafe) and straight to Luna Bar after that.
When she told me, I freaked out because being the vain me, I need to clean myself after hours of bus journey and put on make up and stuff before I can actually go to the Luna Bar, right!
So I started calling all my SGGS friends who were in KL at that time if they could let me tumpang their house so that I can clean myself up before the event but everyone seemed to have their own agenda.. :(
But I really appreciate those who replied me! Thank u! :)

Then Eve decided that we should take the cab back to her house and by the time we reached her house, it was already almost 5pm.
Anyhow, luckily Eve's bf came after that to pick us up so in the end I still managed to reach Luna Bar at 5.45pm....Thank you, Mr. Lim! :P

FYI, the event was supposed to start at 5pm but when I reached there, I waited for a whole 30minutes or so before they officially started it.
Grrrr, I could have taken more time to put on eyeliners I tell ya. :(
And I should have listened to Evelyn when she said the event won't start on time..sorry la..event noob here..
Now that I've learned my lesson, I'll make a grand entrance by being fashionably late next time! Haha!

Okay craps aside, guess who I bumped into when I stepped into the bar!

Two of my favorite bloggers of all time: Timothy (Nuffnang boss) and his gf, Audrey!

I've been reading them for a year or 2 now and I was really excited to see them in person!
Being their avid reader, I couldn't help myself to grab a pic with them and of course, introduce myself! Haha!

You should read their blogs too!
They are my source of entertainment and the reason why wtf's have been making appearances in my blog from time to time wtf.
In fact, Audrey looks so pretty omg! I swear she looks so much sweeter in person!
And I forgot to snap a pic of Timothy's face when he found out that Eve and I were from St. George's! Hoho.

The sight of the stage.

After that, more and more people kept coming and Eve and I were feeling a bit erm, alienated because we didn't know a lot of people there.
And I wasn't really in the mood of socializing (not that I ever were) but we did make a couple of new blogger friends!

Happy people. *looks intensely at Nicole, we can nvr have a candid shot of her because she's always camera-ready! Haha!*

I happened to meet a few of the MSS bloggers during that event!
At least now I won't feel so left out! Haha.

There you go, a proper pic with Nicole, the super witty MSS blogger!
She makes everyone laugh like all the time! Haha!

This is the good looking Brand Manager? of Vaseline from the Philippines.
Can't remember his name. Mr. Good Looking I shall name him then! :P

The ever stunning, Jojo Struys as the MC!

Luna Bar wristband!

Not long after that, they had this game where we have to find our partners by referring to the name of the celebrity on the card we were given earlier upon entering the bar.
I got Beyonce and Eve got Bella Swan!
Which means I'll have to find Jay Z while she had to find Edward Cullen!

Apparently when there were a few more identical couples so when Jojo called out the names of the couple, the couple will have to go up the stage and got some prizes!
As simple as that!
But unfortunately they didn't call for Beyonce and Jay Z. Sigh. Oh well.

Here's my Jay Z! A very shy one, if I may add. Haha.

Bloggers lurking around taking photographs.

Sunset in KL.

To be honest, I expected more of Luna Bar so I must admit I was rather disappointed with the place la but I guess now that I know, I might think twice of going there again!
Reason being..erm..I don't know.
Just don't really like the environment there. Somehow.

The stand up comedian, Kuah Jenhan!
That was my first time experiencing a stand up comedy and boy, I was really entertained!
I bet all of us were!

Dinner served! Yay!

Then, it got darker and the city became even more lively!

Oh see those goodie bags at the corner? Each of us received one and we can haz supplies of Vaseline lotion for months!! Go figure!!

And the singer of the night was none other than Yuna!
The very talented singer/composer/songwriter!
And she's very young!!

So pretty! *gasps*

The bar decorated with lots of Vaseline products!

The inevitable toilet pic break.

A nice pic of me and my partner for the night!

Oh hie my name is Chia... :)

MSS bloggers gang with Nicole's sister, Yi Wern!

After that, the winners were announced and sadly, yours truly wasn't in the winner's list but hey, at least I enjoyed myself there!
And I managed to attend at least a Nuffnang event!

But I really wish Nuffnang will have more events in Penang!
I'll definitely attend the events if I'm invited! :D

KL Tower, all lit up at night!

Me, with the blurred KL city thanks to my shaky hands.
Look at how heavy my eyebags are.

See, people, those are called eyebags, not dark circles.
So when you see I seem to have really bad dark circles, it was the shadows of my eyebags ok!

Cos I'm probably one of the healthiest friends you have!
I take my daily vege and sufficient water and I don't smoke or do drugs, alcohol and I always make sure I have at least 8 hours of sleep EVERYDAY!
Unless I was really desperate to finish up assignments or drama series.

So the day ended with my bro who kindly came all the way from Bkt. Jalil to fetch Eve and I back to her house!
Thank you, Koko! and I miss u!! :)

Last but not least, THANKS, Evelyn!
The event wouldn't have meant anything for me if you weren't there! :)

Okie writing all this isn't doing any good for my presentation tomorrow and upcoming tests omg!



MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

wtf. im so tanned~
Fair and lovely doesnt really work on arms izzit?

Anonymous said...

Looks like u had fun~!

Anonymous said...

i wonder how u gonna self portrait with DLSR... Btw nice photo!!

CL said...

Ms. Xeroz: Haha! No I don't think they work on arms! Haha.

Anonymous 1: Thanks! And I know its you dear.. :P

Anonymous 2: I can! I vained with DSLR before..a lot of times some more..haha! Thanks!

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