Friday, October 8, 2010


Just like how Nelly Furtado would say it, all good things must come to an end.

Like it or not, today is the FINALE.

The end of everything pleasant and gratifying and glorious food.

Okay okay before I get into the emotional side, I'm gonna share with you all the breakfast we had at Atrium Restaurant-Cafe & Lounge, just beside the Pyramid Tower Hotel lobby!

Just like many other hotel breakfast, they serve from western to local dishes!
If there's one thing I like about the breakfast, it would definitely be the endless choices we had!

Breakfast available at the Atrium.

Unfortunately I had to fly at noon on that day so I didn't dare to eat much.
Seriously, if it wasn't for my weak body that can't take much food before travelling, I would have gobbled EVERYTHING! :(

People enjoying their breakfast!

Dian and I both thought that we were pretty late but to my surprise, there were even more latecomers than us!
In fact, there were only very few of us at that time since most of them were still packing.

The breakfast served was really good.
I had mostly western breakfast because I can't take nasi lemak or curry food in the morning cause if not my tummy will start playing orchestra.

However, the Acheh bloggers had to leave early that day since their flight was at 10am if I'm not mistaken.
So left a few of the locals and not forgetting, the only Singaporean who made it here, Sy!

Pardon the tired faces. :S

After breakfast, it was all packing and transfering pictures and saying goodbyes.
Then we went on our separate ways.

The finale of My Selangor Story (MSS) is nothing like how you would anticipate those reality shows to end, like you know, getting to know who the winner is just like the ANTM, Survivor and Amazing Race.

For us the bloggers in MSS, it's more like the end of our beautiful journey being together as one no matter where we went throughout the 6D5N tour, and the beginning of horror continuation of our everlasting friendship.

To be honest, my experience throughout this 6D5N journey was way beyond my wildest imagination.
Like how I told everyone else that this is my 1st time of joining a blogging competition of such, I was very impressed with what we have been through despite some glitches here and there.

I went to places I've never knew and might not have experienced in my entire life if it wasn't for MSS.
An example would be the homestay, tour in Tropicana Medical Centre, VIP lunch with YB Elizabeth Wong, to name a few.

I'm glad Kokd made me join this.
Because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have known and might not get this chance of a lifetime.
Thank you, .

But the end of the MSS journey means I have hours left with Kokd.
Again, we'll be separated by the mountains and seas and whatnot but I'll leave the post for another day :'( .

Last but not least, a special thanks to Tourism Selangor and Horizon Communications for making all this possible! *Japanese bow*

And here's a video compilation for all the 6 days and the crazy things we did! Enjoy! :)

Did you know that the Pentax Optio P80 is also equipped with a HD video camera? :)

Let's not say goodbye, shall we? :)

Till we meet again. ♥



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  16. Makcik Zara
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From Singapore:
  1. Sy
From Indonesia:
  1. Husni
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  3. Alid
  4. Fadli


Eyriqazz said...

oh, i'm the last one..hik3..nice knowing both of u...nanti nak kahwin..don't forget to invite me k?

WenYi said...

it was nice meeting you chia li^^ study hard and smart! hopefully i'll meet you again soon^^ *hugsss*

CL said...

Eyriqazz: Haha..I randomly put only! Sorry ye..kahwin?! 6 tahun lagi la..haha. Okie I'll make sure to invite u haha!

Wen Yi: Thank u & We'll definitely meet again, babe!! *hugs*

Loyal Reader LOL said...

Love your posts!! <3333 I like how ur video too btw. looks really cooool. hope u win the contest!

Kokd said...

Good job with the video bb! Hope all the best for u!

Kokd said...

PS, she took 7 hours to make the video!

CL said...

Loyal reader LOL: Thank u! Appreciate it! :)

Kokd: Thank u bb..all the best to u too! Hehe.

Andrew said...

Nice post. to many foods, like this. hehhe

CL said...

Haha, thanks, Andrew!

Sy said...

Ho Ho Ho ! :)

Is this e 1st comment i left on my blog :P Opps , till now then gt time to read e MSS bloggers' posts :)

And it knocks off anyone who will love to enjoy the truely selangor experience :)

And lovely post, always . And i do look lonely with my name only frm SG :X

See u soon :)

CL said...

Sy: Thank u! Hope to see u around if I do go to Singapore! Then you can become my tour guide!!heheheh

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