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*I have to put the photos in collages because there are just too many photos that I wanna share with you all! :) Hope you'll like the collages!

After a day of relaxing and stuffing ourselves with one of the best buffet dinners I've ever had, the MSS Bloggers were then brought back down to business.

Today is probably one of the most hectic days for the bloggers because we were brought to 4 different places, all in one day! I'll leave the breakfast post in Pyramid Tower Hotel for my Day 6 post for MSS!

For our first destination, the bloggers headed to Tropicana Medical Centre (TMC), located in Kota Damansara.

The view of TMC.

So we were brought to TMC and I must admit that this place doesn't make me feel like I'm in a hospital at all!

I know, you'll probably say it's a private hospital that's why it's well taken care of, etc, but I've been to several private hospitals in Penang, all of them has that foul "hospital stench" but TMC made me feel like I was in a hotel!

The specialist centres that TMC offers.

After dividing us into 2 groups, we were brought to different sections of the medical centre.
My group was led by a technician (whose name I forgot to jot down - sorry...) and he was kind enough to explain every single detail of the services available there.

Boys being boys (referring to the 2 pics at the top left and right).

TMC consists of 6 Centres of Excellence which are:
Fertility Centre
Women & Children Centre
Heart Centre
Diabetes & Kidney Centre
Imaging & Image Guided Surgery Centre
Aesthetic & Cosmetic Centre

The 1st room we were introduced to was the CT (Computed Tomography) Scan room.
According to him, CT Scan is the latest technology which is used to scan your whole body for abnormalities and now it can be used to scan the heart as well.
The scanning process only takes up about 10 to 15 secs and it does not emit any radiation at all as compared to MRI scan that produces radiation to the patient.

TMC is also equipped with a Full Field Digital Mammography system which offers an accuracy of 98% in detecting the presence of breast anomalies.
We were lucky to have a live model to show us how breast mammography is done:


Basically, the process is carried out by placing your breasts on the platform (as shown by Kokd) and the plastic component above it will compress your breasts.

Do you know that men do develop cancer as well?
Except that their "twins" are not as big as Kokd's. :P

Anyway, by using the digital mammography, not only the accuracy is high, it also produces less radiation and it is more comfortable than the conventional breast mammography method!

Besides that, we were also introduced to the Rehabilitation Centre! Awesome machines they have there!

The Rehabilitation Centre doesn't just make sure the patients are able to carry out the normal daily routines, but they will help the patients until they are certified to work!

At the Fertility Centre (where babies are made), TMC uses cutting edge technology such as the advanced laparoscopic surgery facilities to optimize the chances of pregnancy.

Their fertility services include egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, sperm banking, blastocyst transfer and many more.

The place where in vitro process is carried out.

They (TMC) even provide surrogate mothers to those who need the service!

After that, we were handed over to Mr. Alan Chin, the Marketing Manager of TMC to further brief us on the non-technical part of TMC.

He brought us to a happy place! My happy place, at least: the Pediatric Ward. :)

Spot a cute baby in there? Hehe.

This is a single room in the pediatric ward which I thought was really comfortable and warm!
Look at the wall decorations!

The room is also equipped with a personal toilet.

A doctor's wall of fame! :D
Looking at babies definitely made my day there even if it was only in pics!

Mr. Alan also told us that TMC provides pick up services from the airport to the centre and they will arrange accommodation for family members as well!

It was truly a great experience visiting a medical centre to know the latest technology the medical field has to offer and keep ourselves updated!

For further information,
Tropicana Medical Centre (M) Sdn Bhd
TMC Fertility Centres
STEMTECH International
No 11, Jalan Teknologi, Taman Sains Selangor 1,
PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
47810, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

ps: Do you know that Tropicana Medical Centre has a branch in Penang as well? It was formerly known as Srigim Women's Children's Hospital, the one right opposite PFS?

Making Seeing how babies are made definitely made us tired and hungry!

As for lunch, we went to Frames, which is located at the side of the front entrance to Sunway Pyramid Mall.

True to its name, once you step into the restaurant, there are lots of pretty pictures in frames!

Frames everywhere!

I was really hungry by the time we reached Frames so without much hesitation, I placed my order and the service was pretty fast!! :D

4 of the many main courses in Frames.
My meal is the one on the top left: Pan seared dory.
Anything with dory is !!

Drinks: Mango Kafir Blast
Desserts: Dark chocolate brownie.

Oh boy, looking at the pictures just reminded me of the food there. ARGGHH!
I'm good food deprived!!

Anyhow, lunch was pretty quick, because all of us were eager to enjoy ourselves at our next destination!

You know what they say, when stay in Sunway, do like what the Sunway people do: They go to Sunway Lagoon even on a weekday! (okie, I made that up =.=") but it's true!

So, yes, people, the "wet and wild" I mentioned in my Day 4 post is all happening in SUNWAY LAGOON THEME PARK!

I don't remember when was the last time I came to Sunway Lagoon (probably when I was 17? 18?) but there's one thing I know: the theme park has definitely changed A LOT!!

Now, Sunway Lagoon offers its visitors 5 parks:
i) Extreme Park
ii) Amusement Park
iii) Water Park
iv) Wildlife Park
v) Scream Park

And thanks to Sunway City Berhad, all of us got the All Parks access! :D

Kokd and I decided to do some photography first before fully enjoying ourselves with the privileges we got!

Most of our time was spent in the Waterpark and Extreme Park because these 2 parks are more than enough for us to explore in one day!


In the Extreme Park, we managed to find some time to go for a few rides/games!

Top middle: ATV ride
Top right: Beach volleyball
Top right (bottom): Archery
Bottom right: Paintball Target Shooting

However, do take note that there are some rides that are NOT included in the Sunway Lagoon Packages (means you'll have to pay separately), which include:
i) G-Force X
ii) Bungy (Jumping)

The view of Sunway Resort & Spa from the Extreme Park in Sunway Lagoon.

Introducing the world's longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge (428m in length) only in SUNWAY LAGOON!


If there's another function/mode I love about the Optio P80 besides the panorama mode, it has got to be the vibrant colors it produces without a single editing!!

No editing at all! Except the arrangement of the photos, of course.

Btw, they have changed the typical waterproof wristband to a rubber (fake) watch!
Just pay a deposit of RM10 and you can exchange for souvenirs should you decide not to take the deposit back!

If there is one regret I have in Sunway Lagoon, it would be not having the time to try the Flying Fox.

Yes my dears, Sunway Lagoon now has Flying Fox in the Extreme Park!
Unfortunately the 1st time when I got there, they didn't allow Kokd and I to bring our cameras along while "flying".
Then when we went there for the 2nd time, the queue was an hour long so we just walked off because it was almost dinner time already. :(


Anyway, the MSS trip can never be completed if there is no food involved!
Many A few of us were beginning to think that this competition should be called "My Selangor Food Story" instead of "My Selangor Story"!

As for our last dinner together, Haven Restaurant, was kind enough to host our dinner! AWESOME!

Table decor.

Haven (I'd prefer to pronounce it as Heaven :P) which is situated at Look Out Point, has the best view of KL and is already appointed as an official tourist destination.

Located only about 30 minutes drive from the city, this restaurant serves a variety food that cater to everyone!
From local hawker favorites to western and even shisha, too!

Mr. Anan, the Managing Partner of Haven Restaurant, welcoming the MSS bloggers!

Appetizers and desserts!

Quoted from its official website, "Look Out Point ( Menara Tinjau) is unique as it is the highest point of Kuala Lumpur at above 280m above sea level"

If there's one thing I like about Haven, it has to be the fact that you don't have to go far just to enjoy the cool wind and indulge yourself with affordable western food!

Drinks & Appetizers.

In fact, it is open for lunch, tea and dinner so you can be there anytime you want but I would recommend you to go for dinner as the view was magnificent!

The main course prepared in their Special Menu was crazy. Like, literally CRAZY.
Everyone got the shock of their lives when the food was served to us because the serving was really huge!

Main course & fruits.
My choice was the one on the top right corner: Briyani Lamb Shank.

It was SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD (from the bottom of my heart)!
I've never tried lamb shank before but I know I will order that again in my next trip there.
Although I was too full to finish it but I remember the taste was superbbbbbb. Burp.

The adorable Haven cupcake!

Haven Restaurant also organizes events/parties during festivals/occasions.
The upcoming ones would be Haven's Halloween Party (for Halloween, duh) and Festival of Lights Celebration (in conjunction with Deepavali!)
Visit their website for more info!

The direct view of KL from our dining area!

After tired of eating (tired because we were sponsored too much good food, we ate till tired), everyone decided to do what we do best: camwhoring photography!

Happy people!

Psssst, I've heard that Haven will be launching its Haven's Gallery on the night of 1st November, 2010, which includes a wonderful display of arts with a private dining area etc.!

Again, get yourself updated through their website!

MSS crew + bloggers group photo!
Gonna miss this crazy people. :'(

Tomorrow, the bloggers will be going on their separate ways, back to their normal routined lives but hey, memories will always last! *except if you have Alzheimer, just kidding!*

To get to Haven Restaurant, you have 3 choices:
i) if you're using a GPS - the coordinates are N 03º 07.777'; E 101º 47.680'; Elevation 264.0 meters.
ii) download the map to Heaven Haven here.
iii) or contact:

Haven Restaurant
Lot 1A & 1B (Look Out Point)
Pusat Pelancongan Menara Tinjau
Jalan Ampang - HuluLangat
Bukit Langat, Hulu Langat
43100 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Call Anan @ 016 - 2323 999

Last but not least, thank you, Haven! :)

*Do note that the restaurant Kokd and I went to last Christmas was not Haven Restaurant.

ps: By the way, do my photos look better in collages? Cos I recently just found out a really easy way to do collages so I need some feedback from y'all! :)




Anonymous said...

oh wow, good food and sunway lagoon! i've nvr been there b4! will go there someday! tq for sharing!

SL said...

Great info you have there. Never knew Tropicana existed actually. hee. kinda near my house now that i know! haha =)

mie said...

wowww wowww... so nice n heavenly... treated with all those great foods and fun... wah....
i went sunway lagoon oni once... n was quite bad luck, because i managed to play a few stuff before it rained...
n those food, really seem tasty... hehehe

CL said...

Anonymous: U shud go there! But allow yourself A LOT of time there cos there's a lot of parks to explore!

SL: Yay! Have a visit there yourself! :)

Jamie: Nice right! Next time we travel to KL together when free la! Then can go makan. Haha

Kokd said...

Eh, my pic not that nice oso put there! Good work bb!

CL said...

Kokd: Not nice meh, I thought it was interesting! :P Thank u bb.

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