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Saying goodbyes is always the hardest part when you have started bonding with the people around you.

You see a lot of smiles stamped on their faces but deep inside, you know that they have already started missing their foster family.

However, spending a day in Sabak Bernam was a tad too short for me.
Reason being I did not have time to experience the real kampung lifestyle I was looking forward to.

I actually planned to learn some skills such as harvesting the paddy, learning some traditional games or maybe just visiting the kampung area..I know, hard to believe what I've just said right...

However, most of my time during the homestay was spent in the house, and my foster parents' children are all grown up, none of them stay with their parents anymore.

Well, it could also be due to the fact that the house I stayed at was located just beside the meeting point, which means I walked to the house unlike many others who got a ride across the kampung.

And no babies to play with. :(

Despite saying that, I actually like the calmness and serenity of living in the outskirt, away from the polluted city.

And whats best is that you don't have to look far for a green scenery! :)

Interested in the homestay programme? Contact:

Encik Abdul Rahman Daud
H/P : 6 013 6077 025
Email : doranihomestay@yahoo.com


So, after bidding our goodbyes, we continued our journey to the Resort in the city.
Have you managed to guess where yet?

Let me give you an obvious hint: It has a mall which is Egyptian-inspired and an ice skating rink! I think that's more than enough!

Welcome home to (my 2nd home, maybe) SUNWAY!

Located in the heart of Selangor, the bloggers were really honored and happy to hear that Sunway City Berhad is our Official Integrated Resort!
So, where else to check in other than one of the luxurious hotels in Sunway! *hyperventilates*

Initially we were supposed to stay at Sunway Resort & Spa (a 5 star hotel ahem) but due to unforeseen circumstances (so cliche :P), we had to stay in the Pyramid Tower Hotel instead, a 4 star.

Pyramid Tower Hotel at night.

But I have no complains, of course!
Throw me any one of the hotels in Sunway (only the ones built by Sunway City Berhad), I'll immediately have a wide smile on my face! :)
I'm sure you would, too!

Upon reaching Pyramid Tower, the bloggers were given the keys to their room and Dian was my room mate! Whee!

Our hotel card! :) I kept it as a souvenir!
Didn't know that you can simply just inform the hotel staff if you wanna keep it! :)

Some snap shots of our room!

Doesn't the room look cozy!!
The only thing is that the windows faces the wall so we didn't get any good view though. :(
But it's alright! The comforter is good enough to make up for it! Hehehehe.

Table and a vanity mirror!

Unfortunately, the room we got was smaller than the rest but it's alright!

Not that we actually needed the extra space for our clothes and all! :)

I forgot to close the closet door. Don't peek please. :P

The toilet also comes with a bathtub!!! ♥

After unpacking, we headed for our lunch at Mantra, Sunway Pyramid!

Mantra - Indian & Asian Lifestyle Restaurant

Orange juice! Can someone please enlighten me what is that white powdery substance in the juice?

Lo & behold, this is the view from the restaurant!

Now I know why most of the restaurants are located at that side of the mall!

Bloggers eating away!

My lunch for the day!

Desserts! I was the only one in the table who was given the strawberry ice cream! Hehe.

Amelia then told the bloggers that today was a free-and-easy day for the bloggers!
Which means we can do anything we like until dinner time! Whee!~

Kokd and I took the opportunity to snap some pictures in Sunway Pyramid.

Frankly, after countless times of being in Sunway Pyramid, I am still not done with window shopping in Pyramid.

The mall is so freaking huge, especially ever since they opened their 2nd phase!

I remember the 1st time when I was there after the 2nd Phase was officially opened to the public, I got blister on my feet.
No thanks to the many shopping lots in there.

But I'm not complaining la since I love to shop!
So, the next time I went to Pyramid, I've learned my lesson well: Wear a pair of sandals/slippers instead!

Sunway Pyramid is definitely one of the places you wouldn't wanna miss if you happen to come to Selangor.
Besides the high end shops such as Topshop, Guess, Mango, etc, there are also shop lots that actually accommodate the needs of those who are on a budget (such as yours truly *coughs*).

Our very own Sunway Pyramid models promoting the various facilities Pyramid has to offer!

My favorite shopping precinct in Sunway Pyramid has got to be the Asian Avenue, located at the top floor!

I can never miss that place each time I shop in Sunway Pyramid because their clothes are not only affordable, they are somewhat trendy as well!

An event going on at the atrium.

If they were to have such a mall in Penang, I can assure you I will never go out from the state again! Haha!
For shopping purposes I mean.

Marrakesh, another shopping precinct in Pyramid that offers you a whole lots of food and fashion styles from the middle east!

A typical boutique in Marrakesh.

Cotton On could use a new model! *borrowed from Pyramid earlier*

Digital Centre for you geeks and nerds out there who are crazy about computers and gadgets!

Not just that, another thing I love about Sunway Pyramid is that their restaurants/cafe's are not located only at the basement!

It's basically all over the mall (in every shopping precinct, too) and I can assure you that you'll have a hard time deciding what to eat because you'll definitely be spoiled with choices!!

Best of all, Sunway Pyramid is the only mall in Malaysia that has an ice skating rink!
Whatever happened to the one in Bukit Jambul Complex in Penang, :(

Occasionally, you might see some pros doing their stunts in the rink or some hot hockey players practicing there! Hehe.

However, do note that skating rates are more expensive during the weekends and public/school holidays!

Oh and I almost forgotten, do you know that you can actually redeem your World Card (Genting) points in exchange for food and beverages and whatnot even when you're not in Genting?
I didn't know that!

Me using the card for the first time. The BR staffs looked happy! Haha.

I decided to try it at the Baskin Robbin outlet in Sunway Pyramid using the points given by Genting Malaysia Berhad and I can haz a free ice-cream! Whee!~

You can do the same in Starbucks as well! :)

After that, we went back to the hotel to rest before going for our buffet dinner at Sun & Surf Cafe in Sunway Resort & Spa, located just beside the Pyramid Tower Hotel!

Bloggers posing in front of the restaurant.

Dinner was beyond fabulous (except the fact that Sy actually had a bad experience during the dinner)!

This is probably the best hotel buffet I've tried in my life thus far (maybe because it was sponsored as well haha)!

You'll just have to scroll down to get what I mean (minus the fact that I didn't pay for it)!

My 1st round!

A closer shot of the food, taken using the Food Mode in Optio P80!

My 2nd round!

My 3rd is something I wouldn't mind eating again and again!
This was taken using the food mode, too!

I love how the food seems to be shinier, glossier, brighter and more tempting when taken using the food mode (I call it the food mode because I have no idea how else to name it :P)!
Something EVERY compact camera should have too! super crucial for bloggers especially

Lovely desserts!


Mooncake! Didn't try it because I'm not a big fan of mooncake.

This is erm....something which I didn't get the chance to eat.


Another dish I forgot.. :P

Sushi, Sashimi, mitsubishi, suzuki!!!!



Hello there, beautiful strawberries!


More & more food!

Apparently I heard from one of the bloggers that it cost RM78++ per person for the buffet!
But it's definitely worth it :)

After dinner, Kokd and I decided to spend some time together and we took a stroll outside the mall to get some night snapshots!

Main entrance of Sunway Resort & Spa.
Taken using the Wide Mode in Optio P80.

Sunway Resort & Spa lobby.

Entrance to Sunway Pyramid and hotels.

The very majestic view of the Sunway Resort & Spa which never fails to take my breath away each time I was there.

The lightings are always so cool!

Opera, to cater all you party people out there!
There are also Coco Banana and Ministry of Sound which I didn't snap because I thought this looks much cooler than the rest!

More photos and videos, head over to here!

Because we didn't wanna end our night just by snapping away and be so engrossed in the competition, we decided to chill out by playing our all time favorite game - POOL! :D

You can do this near the Pyramid Tower Hotel lobby!

Just pay RM3 for a game!

Nevermind the expression. =.= Haha.

It was already midnight at that time but the jukebox was still playing! Yay! :)
*starts dancing*

Oh right, when I got back to my room, I decided to try the soft mode in Optio P80!

This is me taken using the normal auto mode.

And this is me using the soft mode!
Notice the wrinkles or dimples or whatever you call it look less visible already??
All hail for such a function in a compact camera! :D

Anyway, I'm gonna end this post with a photo of the Pyramid Tower Hotel!

Awesome or not? :)

Tomorrow is gonna be a wet and wild day!
No prize for guessing where we went to on our 5th day!


ps: All pictures were taken using Pentax Optio P80 except the ones with watermark!



Kokd said...

Miss u bb!

Ling said...

Nice review, girl! I like your pics! Keep it up! :)

CL said...

Kokd: :(

Ling: Thank u! :)

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