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My 3rd day in the MSS trip started by me waking up in Genting Highlands and I felt almost like waking up in heaven!

The bloggers had breakfast courtesy of Genting Malaysia Berhad at World Class Lounge which is located on the 28th floor in First World Hotel.

Look at the view right outside the World Class Lounge! Isn't it breathtaking?

A lounge with simple decorations that never fails to make me look forward to kick start my day! :)

We were served with a variety of food for breakfast, ranging from porridge, to nasi lemak and western breakfast! Yums!

Bloggers chatting away before we head to our next stop!

After which, we checked out from our room and to my surprise, instead of the usual drop-your-keys-in-the-box, First World Hotel now has a Check Out Kiosk!

This definitely looked much neater than dropping your room keys in the wooden box!

Right after we checked out, look we bumped into!

Charles Gluck, the Statue of Jerome Murat's performer, who came all the way from France!
Such a warm and friendly guy he is.
He let us ask so many questions about himself and even sent us off!

How sweet. :)

Staying in Genting Highlands was probably my best stay ever throughout the entire trip.
Imagine living in a humid place (my uni campus) for 5 days a week and when compared to this, I really felt like I should have just stayed in Genting man...

Anyway, interested to know more about Genting Highlands? Contact any of these:

Amelia Anne Martin
Public Relations and Communications
Genting Malaysia Berhad
+603 6105 9427

Genting Highlands Resort
69000 Genting Highlands
Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia

And oh, thanks, Genting for sponsoring us! :)

Going down the hill, all the 27 bloggers made their way to the infamous Chin Swee Temple, which is only 10 minutes journey from the top.

The main entrance.

I was really happy yet excited to come here because the last time I was here, the place was still closed for renovation.

This temple is not just any temple. It was built by the late Tan Sri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong to commemorate the Chin Swee Goddess whom advised him to continue with his dream of building Genting Highlands.

Tan Sri (Dr.) Lim who then heeded the Goddess advice and promised to build a temple for her if he succeeded.
With the current status that Genting Highlands possesses now, you can tell why this temple is finally built with such amazing buildings and statues!

The Pagoda.

It was also said that the temple was built at the place which overlooks the most scenic view in the entire mountain.
I couldn't agree more. :)

Pine trees taken using the Flower mode on Optio P80!

The journey after visiting the temple was a history.
I slept throughout the whole journey in the bus which I thought was a waste because I could have fully used the time left with him but if I do that I'll probably feel dizzy and all... :(

Anyway, from Genting, it took us approximately 1 hour or so to reach Hutan Lipur Kanching which is situated in Rawang, Selangor, our next pit stop!

This is another new place I got to explore in Selangor, thanks to Tourism Selangor!

Hutan Lipur Kanching is a recreation park, most famous for its 7 WATERFALLS!!

As usual, there are a few stalls before the park entrance that sell food and beverages just in case you need them!

Hutan Lipur Kanching is pretty much like the Botanical Gardens in Penang, with monkeys roaming around, 'mingling' with the public..

Oh hie there! Feeling comfortable much?

It's too bad that we didn't visit all the 7 waterfalls due to time constraint but at least I managed to visit 2 out of 7!
Not really an accomplishment but still...

Waterfall #1

This waterfall was the 1st we found, which I suppose is the lowest of all the 7.

Frankly speaking, I don't swim in any waterfall (who am I kidding, I can't even swim properly hurhur) because I keep imagining the water that flows downstream won't be as clean as the water in the upper falls since there are usually kids who will play in :)

Waterfall #2

However, I must admit that the water was actually quite clean!
Not that I have superpower eyes that can see any contaminants but I did dip my feet into the water and it was just...Ahhh~

Imagine letting your feet breathe after choking them in your shoes for hours!

Bloggers chilling out with Nicole ,the monkey slayer (inside joke) enjoying herself, reading the newspaper. Enjoy puas-puas. Haha.

A macro shot of Denise's properties and herself in the background.

I googled for Kanching waterfalls and found a website that actually has the pictures and explanation to all the 7 falls! Have a look here for more info!

Random pic of myself taking photographs of ants marching.
I know I'm lame but I thought they're cute! :P

After having KFC as lunch in the park itself (talk about being one with nature), we then continued on to our next pit stop!

Remember I mentioned about conquering Sabak Bernam in my Day 2 post?
In fact, it was the activity I anticipated the most throughout the entire trip : HOMESTAY!

It took us about 3 hours to reach Sabak Bernam (Dorani Homestay) from Hutan Lipur Kanching so the bloggers were all pretty exhausted but look at what they had installed to welcome us!

Kompang + colorful bunga manga to welcome the bloggers!

Some more served us with snacks and coconut drinks! Yay!! :D
I love coconuts!

Local kids performing kuda kepang!
I don't even remember when was the last time I saw that performance live!

Later on, the bloggers were given the chance to try the dance as well!
I, of course, dengan tak tahu malunya, volunteered myself because I love dancing! hehe.

Girls are up first!

I must admit it was not easy at all to dance kuda kepang for a first timer like myself..

The local band!

Boys' turn!

Kokd wearing all black, even his kuda kepang is black!

Our big guy, Thristhan grooving to the music yo!

Tian Chad trying to keep up with the steps!

Raya cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

A sketch performed by the local kids as well!

After that, we were assigned to our respective homes!

The house I stayed at, with Pakcik Haji Ab. Manan and his wife as my foster parents for a day!

With Pakcik & Makcik.

As a girl who was born and has been living in the town area of Penang for the past 23 years of her life, I must admit that I was a little nervous (despite being excited) when I knew homestay was part of our itinerary.
That's because I'll be staying in a stranger's house, and I totally have no idea if there were any rules that I should know before hand.
For example, I was wearing shorts and I was afraid that the people there might not feel comfortable with it.

The room I stayed in! According to Makcik, it used to be the bilik pengantin (brides' room)! *shy

But boy, was I wrong!
Maybe my thoughts were a bit old-schooled, but the people in Dorani Homestay was awesome and modern wei!

Clean and carpeted living room!

The hallway which sometimes houses the guests should there be a kenduri!

Sunset across the paddy field.

Before we left for our next stop, we had dinner in the house!

Makcik prepared some kampung dishes for us!

Heylo, Jacque!

As the sun gave its way to the moon, the bloggers got all ready and prepared to head to Kampung Kuantan in Kuala Selangor, a place famous for none other than the fireflies!

En. Fazly, from Tourism Selangor gave us a short briefing on the do's and dont's while on the boat to see the fireflies.

Waiting in groups of 4 to see the fireflies!

Apparently, at that night, the moon was quite full, so the fireflies refused to come out and shine like they used to.

Nonetheless, I was really happy because I managed to catch 2 fireflies and the feeling was really satisfying!
I hope I didn't accidentally kill any of them. That'd be really sad if I did. :S

This was taken with Kokd's Canon 400D.
Spot the fireflies?

According to Amir, who was our boat navigator, the male firefly will shine 3 times per second while the female will only shine once per second.
And the fireflies actually feed on a type of liquid from the trees known as pokok berambang (not sure what it's called in English)!

Souvenirs sold at the jetty!

After that, we were further briefed by En. Zulkifly on the life cycle of fireflies!

Some heads up if you plan to experience the fireflies for yourself:
1) do not use any sorts of lights (eg: camera flash, torchlight etc) when you're on the boat cause it'll scare off the fireflies
2) remain seated on the boat if you don't wanna swim (drown, in my case) in the dark!
3) catch the fireflies if you want, be daring cause they're not hot!

I had the best time here because when I was on the boat, with darkness surrounding me, somehow somewhere deep in me feels so calm and peaceful.
All I thought of at that time was to play with the fireflies. For the first time ever in my life.

For further information on the Kampung Kuantan Firelies, do not hesitate to contact:

Zulkifly bin Samad
Pegawai Pembangunan Mampan
+6 012 285 1103

Majlis Daerah Kuala Selangor
45000 Kuala Selangor,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Day 3 ended with the MSS crew and bloggers chilling out at Satay Hut for supper!

Phew, what a day!

So, where did the bloggers explore in Day 4?
Hint: Somewhere which is also known as the "Resort in a City"! Sounds familiar???

Stay tuned and do leave me a comment on what your thoughts are!



The Wanderer said...

Wow! To be able to sleep in the bilik pengantin is definitely one in a million! A whole bowl of kerang o_O

eva said...

I think pine tree photo look awesome!

Jacquelyn Ho said...

Omg. since when u took the pic? LOL.

Ahhh. I miss the kerangs even though I don't usually eat them :(

CL said...

Dian: Yes, Kerang ftw! I ate alot!! :P

Eva: Thank you!! :)

Jacque: I miss kerangs too! I loveeee seafood! :D

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