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In a blink of an eye, it's Day 2 already!
Today's itinerary sounds really exciting because we'll be dealing with lots of knocking! *stress reliever*

Our destination is also known as the School of Hard Knock! *hint hint*
It's nonetheless, ROYAL SELANGOR, baybeh!

Each of us got a Royal Selangor visitor's sticker! ^.^

Upon reaching, we were greeted by Jiun, from Royal Selangor who welcomed us and immediately brought us on a tour around the area.

Jiun, our tour guide of the day.

A short introduction to those who have no idea what Royal Selangor is:

♣ Royal Selangor (formerly known as Selangor Pewter) was originally found by a pewtersmith called Yoon Koon, who discovered tin in the early years in Malaya.

♣ Celebrating its 125 years this year, Royal Selangor continues to produce pewters of all kinds, from household items, to decorative items, children's gift and all sorts of accessories even during festive seasons.

♣ Royal Selangor also designed trophies for world class occasions such as World Cup of Golf and the Shanghai ATP Masters tennis tournament and was appointed as the licensee for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Millennium Collection. (excerpt from the website)

The wall with the Royal Selangor history.

It was my first time visiting Royal Selangor since I've only heard and seen it in the malls but never really think that it has come such a long way to be where it is now!

The tour started with a short introduction to the traditional pewter products/artifacts:

The bloggers were then given a welcome drink (tasted like 100Plus) in a pewter mug! Look at the logo underneath it! Nice!

Kokd and I

It was cool to see how these pewter products are made because as a Material Engineering student myself, I had no idea what a pewter is until I visited the factory! *shy

Pewter = Sn (tin) + Sb (Antimony) + Cu (copper)

Well, at least now I can gladly tell my mates that I've been to a pewter factory and I actually wonder if I can get a job in there after graduating.. :P

The historical teapot.

The common hallmarks on Royal Selangor pewters: "Yu He Zu Xi".
"Yu He" (Jade Peace) was the name of the shop while "Zu Xi" is to represent the high quality of the material used to produced their pewters.

Money tree made from pewter!

These are the hand prints of Royal Selangor employees who have worked for the company for at least 5 years!

This Twin Towers are built from 7062 pewter mugs!
Oh and hi, Dian! :)

Jiun also brought us to have a look at the process of making pewter products:

Casting. Sounds way too familiar for me.



The bloggers actually tried knocking the pewter by imitating this lady but all we got was some random and ugly dented tin.
*salutes this lady*

Outcome: Amazing pewter artwork.

Everything seemed pretty calm from the outside of the factory until Jiun brought us deeper into the place where we started hearing some noises!

A real working factory with tonnes of workers knocking away!!

Best part of all, we were given the chance to make our own pewter as a souvenir!

Everyone's looking excited to knock hard!

The hammer used to knock on the pewter!

Me and my completed pewter!

Later on, we were ushered to the dining area where we were served with sandwiches and tea and presented with our certs!

Dian looking happy holding a teapot. =.= haha

The Cafe' in Royal Selangor Visitor's Centre that served us with light refreshment!

Before presenting the certs, Datin Chen Mun Kuen, whose family owns the Royal Selangor business shared with us a story on how the famous Royal Selangor started.

Datin Chen Mun Kuen told us about the story of his father's acquaintance with the teapot that saved his life.

Then, she presented the bloggers with a certificate each for the pewter we knocked earlier! :)

In fact, you can do the same too, just by paying a nominal charge, you'll get to enter the School of Hard Knocks and make your very own pewter as a souvenir! :)

Royal Selangor's pewter products for the Mid Autumn Festival!

Posing with the World’s Largest Pewter Tankard (cited in Guiness Book of World Records) before leaving!

No idea how to get there? No worries! Here's a map I extracted from their website:

For further information:

Head Office & Visitor Centre
Royal Selangor International Sdn Bhd
4 Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak Jaya
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3 41456000
Fax: +60 3 4021 6831

Without wasting anymore time, we boarded the bus to escape from the hustle bustle of city life to somewhere more cooling and great, I didn't bring any thick clothings/jacket. :S

Heading up to the mountain, it took us less than 1 hour to reach GENTING HIGHLANDS from KL!

Was greeted by Allie & Tabby (Genting Highlands' mascots)

Oh wait, did I hear you asking what has it got to do with Selangor??

Well, I asked that question to everyone else in the bus too actually and guess what?!

GENTING HIGHLANDS is actually located in between 2 states in Malaysia:
1) Pahang = 8,157 acres
2) Selangor = 2,461 acres

Imagine in my 22 years of life I thought that Genting Highlands is in Pahang and Pahang only.
Get your facts right, people! Don't be a fool like myself. T___T

Anyway, we arrived just in time to have lunch with YB Elizabeth Wong, who is the Executive councilor for Tourism, Environment and Consumer Affairs in the Selangor State Government and also with Dato' Anthony Yeo, the Senior Vice President of Public Relations of Genting Malaysia Bhd.

Dato' Anthony Yeo giving his welcoming speech.

The lunch was held in a VIP lounge.

Lunch is served!

Satay is included! :)

Me posing with some French pastries!

Before leaving our lunch venue, each blogger was presented with the Holiday Card worth RM100 and World Card (with 10,000 points), all courtesy of Genting Malaysia Berhad!

How awesome! THANK YOU! :)

Then we were brought to the Visitors' Galleria where it showcases all the achievements and background of Genting Highlands.

After the short introduction by Mr. Philip, the Public Relations Manager of Genting Malaysia Berhad, we were given our own room in First World Hotel!

Beautiful bloggers all looking happy before checking in! :)

My room! Not sharing! *shifty eyes*

The room closet with a safe!

The washroom! Not the best part yet..

I can haz a bathtub! Yay! Bathtubs are always the nicest thing you can have in a bathroom.
I'm so gonna have one in my own house next time. :)

Another view of the room.

A huge mirror for vanity! :P

True to its tagline, the City of Entertainment, there are obviously a lot of things to do in Genting Highlands!

For dining alone, you can choose from a variety of:
■ Fine oriental cuisine
■ Fine western
■ Local buffet style
■ Fast food/ local favorites

Bloggers having dinner at one of the restaurants!

On top of that, there is also the famous GENTING THEME PARK!!
This is probably the must-visit place for your whole family, young and old!

But to the elders, probably not advisable for this:

The theme park consists of outdoor and indoor theme park.

Fancy for some throwing games??

Girls just wanna have fun!

Dinosaurland in Genting Outdoor Theme Park!

Ferris wheel!

This is for those who think that the Cyclone is only for kids: Corkscrew.
Even the name of the roller coaster brings some nervousness down my spine! :S

Night scene of the outdoor theme park when the sun sets.

Fancy doing shopping at the peak?

First World Plaza
can cater to all your shopping and dining craves at the peak!

First World Plaza's very own Statue of Liberty.

Ripley's Believe Or Not in Genting Highlands.

There's even a casino for those who wanna try their luck in gambling!
21 years old and above only please...

Indoor theme park.

Of course there's more to it than just a Ferris Wheel...

You can also enjoy yourself with the various night shows they have!
They actually changed the show from time to time though.

When we were there, we got the opportunity to be bedazzled by the Dazzle show!

Myself in front of The Pavilion, all ready to be stunned by the upcoming show!

The bloggers were really lucky because we were given the VIP seats (front row!!)!

However, we were not allowed to photographed some of the performances so I'm gonna share what I can here! :)

Beautiful (not to mention super slim) Ukrainian and Belarus dancers!

Ernesto Planas and his parasol act! Real solid umbrellas keep popping out from scarfs!!

An attractive dancer with the violinist.

This has got to be the most entertaining part of all!
Ernesto picked one of the bloggers, Spectre, to be the volunteer for his magic!

Ernesto was really quick with his hands that even Spectre couldn't see what actually happened but the rest of the audience knew! Hehe. Poor Spectre.
And no, there was no magic involved obviously.
It was all purely illusions.

Dancing to ABBA songs!

Charles Gluck, who amazed the audiences with his brilliant performance: The Statue of Jerome Murat!
It's a waste that we couldn't photograph or film his act because this was the act that I actually liked the most.
It's not funny but it makes you wonder how he actually managed to do what he did!
Go to KOKD to see the youtube video of the act (not the one in Genting, though)!

FYI, there's also a free guided tour for those who are interested to explore Genting Highlands Resort on foot!

Daily tour: 12 noon and 3pm
Venue: The Visitors' Galleria, Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting.

With that, my 1st day in Genting Highlands for the MSS trip is completed!

Tomorrow I'll be conquering Sabak Bernam, Selangor and I caught two "flies"! Wonder what flies they are? Stay tuned!

*Note that I used a lot of exclamation marks (!) in my posts because I think I cannot stop getting excited having to visit so many places I've never conquered before in SELANGOR!!

ps: Pictures without the clconquers watermark were taken with the Pentax Optio P80!


Anonymous said...

They are in fact beetles!

The Wanderer said...

How is it that I don't remember holding the Melon Teapot while you took the picture :P We were definitely over the moon about RW Genting indeed :D

CL said...

Anonymous: Beetle kah?! Ok ok I put inverted commas in the flies word ok! :)

Dian: Haha..yup we definitely were! We shud plan a trip there to get more world points! hehehe

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