Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kocha Taiwanese Delight

Okay, I must admit that I've been rather refraining myself from blogging because I've gotten quite tired of it after 6 days of continuous long ass posts and I really need to breathe~

Nonetheless, I'm back! For a shorter post at least.
So, on a fine Saturday, I suggested to CY that we go for a late lunch at Kocha Taiwanese Delight at Burmah Road, just beside the Hotel 1926 and opposite Jemputree.

The signboard.

We reached there about almost 4pm and there were quite a number of people (I expected very few since it wasn't lunch/dinner time).

The restaurant.

I've been there once, with my cousin (oh man, I miss that guy :( ) but didn't take any pics cos I wasn't feeling well.
But this time around, I made sure that I capture what I want!

CY vaining.

The service was quite fast, maybe cos it wasn't really crowded because the last time I went there was with a bunch of people and I was already starving like mad.
It didn't help that I had to wait for quite a while for my food to arrive at that time.
But this time, our food arrived shortly after we placed our orders.

Mine: Some noodle + ribs (can't remember d omg so forgetful these days T.T) - RM 11.50

CY : Beef balls noodle - RM8.50 (I think, should be around there :P)

Fried dumplings (can't remember the price either, RM5.50 or RM7 - oh my, I can never be a food blogger!)

Some snapshots of the restaurant:

I kinda like the atmosphere in the restaurant, very peaceful, and they have lots of ancient-looking decorative items on the wall which compliment the settings pretty well.

They even aquariums at a few corners of the restaurant which I find quite interesting!

I purposely make this b&w to scare CY. :P

Another reason to why I like this restaurant is that the food they serve tasted quite nice for such prices.

Will definitely go there again! Maybe with my family instead! :)

That's all for now! Thanks for reading! :)

ps: I just realized I didn't take any picture of myself in the restaurant. fml.


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