Friday, October 22, 2010

Italiannies At Empire Subang

So it was one free day out of Babe's busy internship schedule and we decided to eat out!
We didn't plan what to eat (nothing new about that) but what we know was that we wanted to check out the new mall in town: Empire Subang.

Located only minutes of walks from Carrefour Subang Jaya, Empire Subang is one of the latest malls in Subang area if I'm not mistaken.

It was easy to search for a parking space there partly because it was still new I reckon.
It didn't take long for me to check out their toilets (whatever that means haha) and I fell in love with it!
Wanna know why??

There are mirrors at almost every corner of the toilet!
Mind you, even in the cubicle itself! Haha!

As if mirrors in the toilets are not enough, look at some of the shots I took in the mall:

Indoor roller coaster? Nah, it's some spiral-lookalike thing which we never got to find out exactly what it is.

And look! More reflections! I start to wonder if Empire Subang is all about reflections and mirrors. Metaphoric much?

Part of the decorations in the mall during Raya season:

The mall wasn't fully occupied yet with some incomplete lots.
After a while, we (reluctantly) decided to have lunch at Italiannies.

I've heard of Italiannies before but never got around to try it but this time I thought maybe I should since it can't be found in Penang so why not.

The settings in the restaurant was somewhat towards the old English house kinda setting with bricks, big fat white candles and the pictures on the walls.

The menu.

Yours truly, deciding on what to eat!

Our drinks: Strawberry splash - RM6.90

How it taste like? Look at Babe's face to know the answer!

Bread as appetizer.

And the sauce oil to dip the bread with!
I believe it's olive oil (not too sure about the black sauce) and it was my first time trying to eat the bread this way!
Thumbs up! The oil really compliments the bread (or vice versa) very well!

And for our main course: Smoke salmon pizza - RM 27.90
Smoked salmon slices, gorgonzola dill cream sauce, cream cheese and sliced onions.

*Totally not recommended to those who can't take cheeseeeeee!
You'll find out why soon enough!

A close up shot.

As a fan (not really a big one) of cheese, I thought this should be really nice and something new.
Of course, salmon and cheese on a pizza base, definitely something new for me.
But the taste was like, too plain.
Mainly because the salmon slices and the cheese didn't go well together and they taste exactly like how they are individually when I ate them together.
As in, no unique taste if you get me.
Also, I don't really like the salmon maybe because I prefer raw than smoked salmon.

After a while, the person that gave up on eating something so cheesy was none other than Babe!
Look at how he started playing with the cheese cubes (YES, IN CUBES) after eating a very small serving of the pizza!


Now this is why I said that smoked salmon pizza is totally not recommended to those of you who can't take much cheese!

The candle!

People, you'll come out from the restaurant looking like him if you don't heed my advice!
Haha. Poor bb, Mua mua.

Then we decided to pay for the parking and when we walked down to the carpark, guess what we saw:

Empire Subang has 3 autopay machines which none of them is located at anywhere near the parking lot at all.
How interesting. NOT.

We had to walk all the way back to the upper floor to make payment. Pfffft.

This is exactly how Empire Subang looks like from the highway.
All covered up with leaves.

Driving back!

I felt really bad that Babe didn't eat much because of the food I ordered.
But it's not like I didn't ask for his opinion before making orders la but I guess sometimes he's way too sweet to say no to me! :P

Thank you bb! I MISS YOU. T___T


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