Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glee Season 2

*Warning: Spoilers head.

Oh wow guess what, I've just finished watching the 2nd episode of Glee Season 2.
And OMG what a mind-blowing way to start off the season!

The original Glee Club members form Season 1 singing to "Empire State of Mind" to try to lure new members into joining them!
I love this scene from the 1st episode!

First, I was blown away by Charice's voice in the very first episode!
Yes, Charice (as Sunshine Corazon in Glee), the singer from the Phillipines whose "Pyramid" song has been playing all over the local radio stations for quite some time now.
After reading in Reader's Digest about her making appearances in Glee Season 2, I was kinda looking forward to it because I've only heard her voice (in the radio) and photos (in RD) so I guess it'd be cool to be able to see her act and perform.

And when she started singing the "Telephone" song with Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele), my gosh! That girl is very petite but her voice was so attractive and powerful!

Rachel realizing how great Charice's voice was when she sang "Telephone".

It got even better when she sang Beyonce's "Listen" for the Glee audition!

I was totally speechless (despite being a person who isn't really musically talented) and I just can't wait to download the new episodes!

Seriously, if only there's a Glee Club in my uni, I shall volunteer to be the dancer (not saying I'm good at it but I like to dance) and probably backup singers hahaha.
Except that people in my uni (especially girls) are quite shy when it comes to dancing.
Sigh..but I really wanna dance!
But I don't mean traditional kind of dance ar, I totally don't dig that.

Just like Brittany!
Speaking of Brittany, you guys should really watch the Episode 2 of Season 2!!
I'm sure many of you who have been watching Glee Season 1 religiously should at least get a bit of hint that Brittany (played by Heather Morris) IS a dancer.
Despite her being so cute and sarcastic, I really love to see her dance!

Britney Spears with Brittany against the wall. Haha.

Her role got even more significant in Season 2 (in Episode 2 so far) especially when she performed a few of the famous hits by Britney Spears!

Brittany dancing to "Me Against The Music" with Santana (as Madonna in the song).

To guys out there who can't get enough of the young and skinny Britney (years ago before she was married and everything that comes after that), you should at least watch this episode!
I'm sure you'll love it!

One more thing,

doesn't this scene below just look awfully familiar??!?!

That was Rachel Berry singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

Rachel was also singing Britney's song but I can't help but to laugh throughout the whole clip!
I don't know, maybe because she looks like she's trying to hard to be Britney Spears (I don't blame her since it's probably what she was asked to do) but I still love Rachel la. :)

And with the addition of another cute guy in the Glee Club, I'm sure this season's gonna be hotter than ever!

Truth be told, Glee is the first drama series which I truly love watching, not because of the casts, but purely because of the music and how the songs and dance moves make me feel so much better at the end of every episode.

I mean, like Gossip Girl for example, the story line is a bit well, ridiculous cos it only revolves around she loves him then they break up then he loves her, then breakup kinda thing.
Part of the reason why I'm still excited to watch Gossip Girl is because of their fashion!
And (Dan) Humphrey the Dumpty (I didn't make that up, you have to watch to get it) is getting so boring now.
So yea, I'll definitely be over Gossip Girl if it wasn't for their fashion!




LiLing said...


ken said...

havent start watching season 2 :)

CL said...

LiLing: Double woots! :D

Ken: I'm sure u'll love it!

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