Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do You Love Him?

I've been feeling rather uninspired to do anything lately.
Not sure if it's because of my exams or it might be because I have my heart at somewhere else half around the globe.
Whatever it is, I know it has nothing to do with my upcoming holiday because that holiday comes with a lot of worries!
Sigh. Big sigh.

Okay, nvm. I'll survive through this tough time.

Anyway, I was blog hopping again yesterday (damn I like to blog hop a lot when I'm at my supposedly busiest time of the semester) and I came across a blog which I've been reading for quite some time now.
That post was written some time ago about her (the blogger) breaking up with her long term bf after being together for years and going through years of LDR (Long Distance Relationship).

Their situation was almost like Babe and myself, except that we are separated far longer and further (in terms of duration of separation and distance) than them.
But if I'm not mistaken, they started off at a younger age than us.
Whatever it is, she wrote about how she has finally made up her mind on breaking up with her bf due to undisclosed reasons but I'd like to believe that she's a very well expressive young lady and mature when it comes to decision making.

The reason why I'm writing about that is because the 1st time I read her entry on breaking up with her bf, I teared up.
I teared because in a lot of people's eyes (including mine), they seem to have the most perfect relationship and probably the best couple ever I've known (virtually).
And when I (sort of accidentally, not because of egoism ar :P) read it again and I couldn't help but to feel really sad and almost teared up again wtf.

So it occurred to me, what if one day Babe and I decided that we've had enough of everything and the 7 years of relationship eventually boils down to nothing?
(Just so you know, we're still in good (or great haha) terms now and I'm just saying what if - is this considered as pessimism because if it is I'll stop writing now haha)

Anyway, when I first started this relationship (Babe said he rather not call this relationship, I don't know why), I already knew that LDR will be part of it.
But you know when it comes to feelings, we can't always control them.
At that time, we were merely finishing our high school and I'm sure when you were in high school, you will have a lot of crushes, infatuations, flings and whatnot as well.
We both were still pretty naive and innocent when it comes to love but the feelings eventually blossomed into something so beautiful (I call it beautiful because I'm lack of vocab like that).

After years of being together, there are friends who eventually gave us nicknames such as The Golden Couple, The Old Couple, Husband & Wife (which I've never agreed on ar as long as we're still not married) etc.
And I can't deny that there are expectations on us.
What kind of expectations, I'll leave that to your own interpretation.

Whatever it is, reading her blog made me think of what I will do if one day Babe and I come to that stage of our lives?
Right now, I cannot think of wanting to be with anyone else but him alone.
But some times a relationship does not end because of a 3rd person also, right?
I guess I'm just being silly to even think of all these.

Oh well, thanks for reading this nonsensical post (if you have made it all the way till the end, thank you and well done! *touched*) because this is obviously written out of boredom.
Okay okay back to studies now.


Oh oh let me leave you guys with a picture I took when I first had my fringe cut into bangs.
I highly doubt if I'll cut it again this way unless I get too bored of my hairstyle which I highly think I will.

Yes, it's obviously edited and I'm vain like that. :)



Anonymous said...

i had been through long distance relationship.I ended up our relationship because of 3rd person (I admit was my fault).And I'm regret now, I missed him.Now I know who is the best for me.And the guy never blame me because of that.We still keep in touch with each other secretly. Too bad,he is now unavailable..Anyway,Nice blog,love it =)

CL said...

Hey..I suddenly thought of sharing this quote with you:

"If you're brave to say "goodbye", life will reward you with a new "hello". by Paulo Coelho.

Let the past be a lesson and learn from it! You still have a future to look forward to!

Thanks for the compliment! :) Glad u like it!

LiLing said...

Chia Li, you've gotten an award from me. Visit my blog to receive it! :D

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