Friday, September 10, 2010

Trashing PM's House On The 1st Day of Raya!

Well, literally that's what happened today in our PM's official residence in Seri Perdana.

But before that,


It was my first time visiting the PM's Rumah Terbuka (Open House) to celebrate Raya and I was excited like a little girl.
Of course, the reason being (aside from the (free) food), I've never met our PM face-to-face before!

So we drove all the way to Putrajaya Sentral to take the Nadi Putra bus to the Rumah Terbuka at about 11am.
It took us around 5 minutes to reach the residence and boy oh boy...the huge crowd could easily drown the tiny me in it!

With cops on duty around the area, we made our way through to the main gate and it wasn't long till we started 'feasting'! :)
I mean, even before we reached the gate, there were already small drink stalls set up along the walkway towards the entrance!

I was pretty astounded by the amount of food there.
It was my first time there remember...although most of the time I usually watched the event from the idiot box. :)

Rendang, lemang, ketupat, kuih-muih, you name it, they got it!

Keropok lekor! But how I wish it was crispier!

Found a place to settle down before we started chomping down the food oh glorious food...

After eating, we walked around and came across several stage performances, hosted by these 3 famous local artists!

And singing performances by Kelvin Lau, MK Kumar and Rabbani!
Only managed to catch Kelvin Lau's performance because we were already queuing up to meet the PM when the other two were performing.

Kelvin Lau

Speaking of which, the queue to shake hands with the PM was longer than the Great Wall of China.
Exaggerative much, but it sure felt that long because people kept cutting our queue! Dammit.

All smiling before the queue started to ''elongate''. Urgh.

Get what I mean?
The caucasian guy in front got pretty pissed off with the people who kept cutting the queue.
Civilised much? (the people who cut queue)

Nonetheless, standing beside the railing was pretty ok for me because I didn't have to squeeze with everybody else in the middle.

What was more interesting was getting the chance to be interviewed by local tv reporters!

Bernama guy doing his thang.


One of the Ntv7 crew asked us where we were from because I was doing some eye contact with him to get his attention. I'm kidding.

Ntv7 crew.

Well, he really DID ask where we're from and Babe said Penang.
Then he said oh ok, thanks and walked off. FML.

We should have devised a plan to say we're from Singapore or something if we knew he wanted to ask us.
Or say we're from Taiwan but we don't speak Mandarin because we were brought up in English educated families.
Hence, my chance of getting seconds of fame on tv is gone just like that. Oh well!

Poor girl..must be tired and feeling uneasy throughout the whole waiting thing.

It took us about 1 hour plus to finally reach the entrance of the residence.

The entrance.

A glimpse of the inside atmosphere.
See anyone you know?

But it was already a quarter past 1 when we reached the entrance so a lot of the ministers went for the Friday prayer already.
So, my initial wish of seeing the PM face-to-face was crushed just like that!


But I did have a little chat with Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon and Datuk Seri Shahrizat. Haha.
I wished I could have had a longer chat with them than merely shaking their hands.

Souvenir you get after shaking their hands and getting germs on yours.

Yay for keropok!

One of the facilities provided:

Public toilets.

Water tanks for you to wash your hands!

After that, we went to eat (some more) and walked a bit more before leaving.

Live news from Ntv7!

The entrance. Pretty grand, heh?

A really hardworking cameraman. Good job.

Babe doing his time lapse using BB (iPhone)!

Last shot of the official residence.

The weather was great and I wasn't really sweating yet till I saw this:


Later did we know, the bus we should be getting on was opposite the road and it was not crowded at all. FOL.

All in all, it was a good experience because I've never been in a place where everybody from all walks of life come together in a place for a purpose: getting free food Meeting the PM!

And the title, trash as in the aftermath at the compound.

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jfook said...

Oh great experience, I nv been to PM's house before.

Kokd said...

Should go earlier because lots of people!

CL said...

jfook: You shud go and experience it! Kinda nice I guess. :)

Kokd: Well we were there at that time for a reason ma.

RunWitMe said...

Wanna see PM's face? You gotta be there early la. Check out his pics in my blog. And the cookie that you get is different from mine la. :)

Anonymous said...

Delete shis text plz. Sorry

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