Saturday, September 25, 2010

Short Update! (Please read.. :))

Hey peeps!

I'm still very much alive, no, I didn't get cheated (MSS is a real competition) nor did I get kidnapped or etc.

The reason I'm posting this entry is because I wanna apologize and update you guys on why I haven't been updating my blog as I've promised.

Well, basically, the Top 30 bloggers' schedule has been really packed as you can tell from my Facebook updates and I'm trying my best to get my blog posts up as soon as possible.

What more, internet connections are not stable at the place we're staying now so I hope you guys would be more patient with me just for a few days more alright?

But who knows I might surprise you all with something earlier than expected!

And I just wanna apologize to those who have been clicking on my website hoping to vote for me (especially my friends...SORRRYYYYYYY)

Anyway, just to give you people a hint of what I've been up to:

Guess where!!



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