Thursday, September 9, 2010


If you haven't heard of this already, you must have been staying in another planet for at least a month now!

Tourism Selangor is out in full force to promote Selangor and what it has to offer to the people around the world!

To kick things off, this is my introductory video!

Well, there are a couple of reasons why I am best qualified as an entrant to the Top 30:

1) Being (quite) an avid blogger for a couple of years now, blogging has subconsciously become my addiction.

As bad as the word addiction might sound, blogging plays an important role in my life now.

With my Red Devil in hand, blogging tops my list of things to do every time when I have some time in hand! :D

2) I was introduced to photography at the age of 17 and I've never looked back ever since.

It all started when my bf (who is also a photography freak) shared with me his knowledge about photography!

Despite not being able to afford a DSLR (now), I managed to buy myself a compact camera (which I named Red Devil) with my own savings and the help of my blogging income! :)

On top of that, I was blessed to have the chance to learn about Photoshop and there is not a single regret in learning this skill!

Although having a compact camera might sound inappropriate for the competition, but who knows I might be able to get a DSLR to work with if I'm selected! :)

Lumut (Perak), July 2010

And you know what they say, there are no ugly women photos in this world, just lazy women photographers! :) That's why I believe nothing is impossible unless you refuse to learn.

3) No one can possibly hate travelling!

As a student, I know the time and budget constraints of a student (I don't take a single cent from my parents fyi) whenever we want to travel just to have a look at the outside world.

i-City (Shah Alam), August 2010

Just these 2 months alone, I've been on road trips to Lumut, Cameron Highlands and Port Dickson and those were all my first times there!

Cameron Highlands (Pahang), August 2010

Travelling is never enough because you get to know so much more with your own experiences than just merely reading from other people's blog posts!

Port Dickson (Negeri Sembilan), August 2010

Although traveling overseas is beyond my imagination right now, but hey, at least I got to explore more of Malaysia and nothing feels more home than traveling in your own country.

4) As a young blogger, I can give my readers the perspective of a university student traveling to various places!

I believe with my traveling experiences, I'll be able to give heads up to the young generations on what to do if they wanna go traveling!

A Famosa (Malacca), July 2009

With that said, please help me to make my wish come true and vote 5 stars for me by clicking here! :) Psst, my nickname is googling87! Thanks!



Fliani said...

nice post.... all de best for the contest.... :D

CL said...

Thank you!! :)

Sandy Prayoga said...

good pict ...

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