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*Warning: As usual, read at your own risk! This entry is super loaded with pictures because I can haz lots of cameras to play with! :D

*And please note that pics with watermark (clconquers) were taken with my Red Devil while the rests were taken with Pentax Optio P80 (in white, if it matters :P).

Firstly, I'd like to apologize to people who have been visiting my blog thinking they could view my contest entries and vote for me..I feel extreme guilt in that. :(
But nonetheless, I'm back! :)

I'm gonna make your wait and all those clicks worth their while by spamming my blog with lots of nice pics! (well, nice from my point of view la and I hope you will like them too!)

To kick things off, as I mentioned before in my previous post, My Selangor Story (MSS) is a blogging competition spearheaded by Tourism Selangor.

So, can anyone guess where's my first destination in this contest?
The state of SELANGOR, OF COURSE! Lame, I know =.="

With competing bloggers from all over the country and as well as from Singapore and Indonesia, Firefly, who is the MSS Official Airline, flown all bloggers from Penang, Singapore and Banda Aceh (Indonesia) directly to the Subang Skypark Terminal Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (formerly known as Subang Airport).

KK and I reached the Penang International Airport at around 1pm and we were warmly greeted by Derrick, who has been waiting for our arrival!
He then brought us to the Golden Lounge which is the VIP Lounge (I found out about this later on) for MAS & Firefly passengers!

Some facts about Firefly -Your Community Airline:
♥ it's a subsidiary of Malaysian Airline System (MAS) Berhad!
♥ Firefly is 3 years old this year (it was launched on 3rd of April 2007)!
♥ it's one of the most affordable way of flying domestically and internationally! Drop by the
website from time to time to be updated with its promotion!
♥ Firefly flies from 3 main hubs: Subang, Penang & Singapore and to a lot more places such as Banda Aceh, Koh Samui, Phuket and etc! Check out their website!

And if you guys have been following my blog, you'd know that I take pictures of all the places I've never been to before!
What more, this is a VIP Lounge which is probably my first and the last time! >.<

Hello, Firefly!

There were lots of finger food, pastries, cakes and beverages at the lounge, all you can eat!!

I had this! But I shouldn't, because you'll see why later.

Kids corner!

I thought the bathroom looked nice enough for some photos. :)

Their toilet amenities are awesome!
From all sorts of hand towels and tissues, to hand soap, and they even have a special toilet for the disabled! All in such a small loo washroom!

With Jing Yi, another competing blogger from Penang!

Us with Derrick.

Derrick then ushered us to the plane!

Firefly airplane! My first time boarding a Firefly and I fell in love with the black propellers.
I know, I know, but I've never seen such sexy propellers in black before ma..
*starts wondering if I have a fetish on things that move fast*

On board! All smiling, awaiting for what's coming next in this competition!

Some refreshments served on board!
You can have a choice of orange or apple juice and oat cracker or nuts.

And you must be wondering why is this picture necessary?
Because this is my face after:


Yes, everyone, I vomited during the 50-minute flight. :(
No, it's not because of the bad experience in the flight but if you know me well, since young, I have very low tolerances towards cars, buses, planes, any type of vehicles.

Although I (quite) got rid of my car and bus sickness, but air sickness is something I don't experience very often because I don't fly that much as compared to traveling by buses and cars.

Okay, gross thing aside, now I'm gonna give you guys something you'd look forward to when it comes to airplanes = the cabin crew!

Not clear enough?

Another one perhaps?

This is Aisyah, the sweet lady who waited for us when we reached Skypark!

Almost all the bloggers were already gathering in Kapitan Kopitiam, located in the Skypark Terminal itself, the restaurant which hosted a light refreshment/lunch for the MSS event.

I remember coming to Subang Airport (before it was renamed into Subang Skypark Terminal) a few years back and all I saw was an empty airport which didn't look like it was operating at all!
No F&B or retail outlets at all!

But this time around, I was stunned by the vast improvements done in the airport itself!

Truth be told, this is my first time joining such an event and I was rather taken aback by how many people turned up for this competition.
All I thought was that it's probably gonna be a small scale competition that doesn't involve a lot of people/companies but man, was I wrong..
Although only 27 bloggers turned up, but it was already more than enough for me because I had so much fun!!!

After all the bloggers reached Kapitan Kopitiam, the real thing began:

En. Raja Sa'adi, Head of PR & Marketing from Firefly giving us the welcoming speech.

Each of us was then presented with an envelope from Firefly!
Guess what's in the envelope!
pai seh, I pixelated my name because.....I pixelated it! :P

Right after all the hoo-hahs of "Hello, my name ABC, nice to meet you, welcome to here and there", the bloggers were all brought to Carlton Hotel to wash up before venturing into the next activity.

This is also taken by my Red Devil actually..a standard room in Carlton Hotel.

I got the whole room to myself because another girl who's supposed to be my roomie didn't turn up for the competition.
What else to do but to camwhore! Actually I took 1 or 2 pics only time to camwhore also! :P

Oh and that's the Firefly jersey I was wearing!
Bright orange color, definitely attention-seeking. Haha.

What's a blogging competition without pictures, right?
As for MSS competition, the Official Camera is Pentax!

All the bloggers were distributed with a Pentax camera each, ranging from the SLRs to the compact cams as well as waterproof cameras!

I got the Pentax Optio P80 in white!

Being the super excited girl who has never used a Pentax before, I actually forgot to snap any pics of the Optio P80.
Super fail. =.=
So, the 2 photos above are obviously not mine and I forgot which website I took it from already.
Sorrrrry~ :(

With 12.1 megapixel and 4x zoom wide-angle lens, Optio P80 is a very slim and ultra compact camera.
More importantly, this camera comes with a lot of fun features which I'll share from time to time throughout my contest entries!

Mdm Rissa Chan, who is the Executive Director of DSC World Sdn. Bhd., together with Jacob from DSC World, gave the bloggers a short briefing on the Pentax cameras.

Bloggers discussing on how to use the cameras with Jacob's help.

Mdm Rissa Chan is the one in red.
This is taken with Optio using its Panoramic mode.
*click the pic to enlarge*

Despite it being a compact camera, Optio P80 gives the user more than just the point-and-shoot function.
I was really happy that it came with the Panoramic mode because I have always been crazy about such function in a camera!
Why? Because you normally can shoot panoramic view using a DSLR with the huge lens but not anymore!

My Red Devil has the same function too, whereby both cameras require the user to shoot a few pics (usually 3) to combine into one picture.
But the difference between my Red Devil and Optio P80 is that I don't have to manually stitch my photos together when I used the Optio!

This means that Optio automatically stitches/combines the pictures for you to view in the camera right after you snap the pics! HOW AWESOME!!
So if you don't like the pics, or there's flaw in the seams, just delete it and snap again! Whee!!~

Oh and the Pentax model I'm holding in this pic is Kokd's.
Syok syok posed with people's camera but not with my Optio. =.=

Portrait mode in Optio P80!

En. Fazly from Tourism Selangor briefing the bloggers about the upcoming plan.

We then adjourned to our next stop, which is one of the famous places to visit whenever you come to Shah Alam, Selangor. Any guess??

My name tag! As usual, pixelated name again! I'm so boring (no, I don't mean bored)..haha!

If you haven't guessed where we were going yet, it's i-City!

Upon reaching our destination!

Mr. Eu, who is the CEO of I-Berhad gave us a short briefing on i-City.

According to him, 15 years ago, the land which i-City is built on was a palm oil plantation!

Digress a bit, Optio P80 has a wide selection of different frames for your pictures! :)
No such a need to go and look for photo editing websites anymore!

To some people, i-City seems to be just a city with LED lights illuminating the township but it's actually more than that!
It houses an animation studio and it has a fiber optic network which runs at 22mbps (fastest for downloading Youtube)!

Our dinner was hosted by the famous steamboat restaurant in i-City:

Restaurant Tasty Pot Buffet & BBQ Steamboat!

Where else to have our dinner other than in the middle of the park, surrounded by the beautifully illuminated trees??

Steamboat! yay!!

Outside the restaurant.

In fact, you can also have your wedding dinner in i-City!
Imagine mesmerizing your guests in the colorful park. How romantic.. *melts*

Ms. Monica Ong, the Director of I-Berhad briefed the bloggers a tad more on the i-City before letting us loose (haha I make the bloggers sound like barbarians or something)!

The colorful synthetic alpine trees.

Coming December 2010, i-City will bring in 4 more giant screen which is twice the size of the current one and as well as more lightings! :)

Besides that, there is also a Rhythmic Light Show in i-City which is played at 8.30pm and 10.30pm.
I took a video on that but it'll be up soon!

Just to inform you guys, i-City charges an entrance fee of RM5 (Mon to Thurs) and RM10 (Fri to Sun) but the fee comes in a cash voucher (of the same amount you paid) whereby it is redeemable in the F&B outlets in i-City itself!

Tropical Zoo section.

Spot the dinosaur!

Do you know that i-City actually has different sections that represent the different cultures and festivals in Malaysia?

For example:

Mid Autumn festival!

Peacock, representing the Indian community...

Hari Raya was still around the corner yo!


Christmas! With artificial snow, of course.

One of the best panorama shots I took with Optio. Makes me feel like I'm in a club or something! Haha! *click the pic to enlarge*

Chinese New Year!

Oh and it will cost you RM2 to enter Christmas and Tropical Zoo!
If only they didn't impose the fee though, because that was the main reason why I didn't explore the Christmas section the last time I went there.. :(

Nonetheless, it's actually worth paying RM2 because the LED lightings in there were just amazing!
It makes you feel so happy (well, I know I was :P) because you get to see the different lightings and it keeps you wondering how on earth did they manage to get so much energy into such a small area.

Well, wonder no more because i-City has dual power supplies, which means there is no need to worry that the whole place will black out should there be a power failure!

Back to Optio, some of you might ask, what if I wanna snap pictures of tall buildings? Do I tilt my camera vertically and use the Panorama mode?

Answer is: NO!

Pentax Optio P80 also comes with the wide mode (or so it's written on the camera)!
It functions just the same as the panorama, but instead of shooting horizontally, now you just have to move your camera from the bottom to up!
And yes, it automatically combines your pics too! :)

This is taken using the wide mode. I only took 2 pics and look at the effect!
See the curve of the buildings at the side. Lovely!

This is my 2nd time visiting i-City but I'm glad that this time around I was able to know more about the place rather than just snap and snap pictures all the way without knowing its purpose.

Sorry, I just can't resist panorama. :P *click the pic to enlarge*

After that, the bloggers were brought to Uptown Shah Alam, a place that opens from 7pm to 3am (Mon to Sat) and 7am to 3pm on Sunday!
Bear in mind that it closes only during Hari Raya! :)

Bloggers entering Uptown.

En. Aizul Hisham, the Managing Director of Uptown Shah Alam giving his welcoming speech.

Basically, this place has everything under one roof.
It's pretty much like a night market (Pasar Malam) but it has more than 400 outlets and again, EVERYTHING under one roof.

And although it has everything, it is nothing to me if it's expensive but heck!
The things there are super cheap!
Maybe you can try your luck in bargaining as well!

Artistic sculptures.

Macro mode in Optio P80.

Ohai babe!

But if you wanna shop here, don't expect for top notch quality things la since it's a wholesale kinda thing.

Locksmith! Hello, if you forgot where you left you key in the middle of night, fret not!! Heheheh.

A whole lot of shoe variety to satisfy your fetish!

*stomach playing orchestra already*

Fancy some artsy-fartsy paintings, anyone?

Remember I said EVERYTHING?
They even sell cars here!
So don't worry if you're working during the day and have no time to scout for new cars!

Don't know the address? Search for this on your GPS!
Kompleks Muhibbah,
Persiaran Sultan, Sesyen 24,
40300, Shah Alam
, Malaysia.

Bloggers all looking tired.

Upon reaching the hotel, we were then given P1 Wimax, the Official Broadband Provider so that the bloggers can blog during the trip!
And it works on my lappie! Whee!~

Phew~ Day 1 is very hectic and exhausting for me because after the flight and all, I felt really worn out.

This is a video I compiled for Day 1!

*The i-City LED Rhythmic Light Show was recorded using Optio P80.

But I hope you guys are not bored by my super lengthy post.

Day 2 is next! Even more exciting experiences ahead!




The Wanderer said...

Hey I didn't see the red/purple/yellow/green/pink etc "ice cream" in plastic tube while we were there! I missed having those on hot sunny days.

Would've definitely bought some tho. Ah I learn something new again :)

Kokd said...

BB, faster go post day 2 up!

CL said...

Dian: Haha..what did u learn?? That they actually sell that ice cream? What do u call it d ar? Can't cream pop? Haha

Kokd: DONE!

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