Friday, September 17, 2010

My Beauty Buys

My holidays are finishing soon.
That's more than enough to describe my current feelings. T__T

But fret not, my holidays were spent pretty wisely (if you minus the fact that I didn't do much revision) with Babe!

So anyway, I'm gonna share with you all some of the things I bought during my almost-2-week stay in Sunway.

#1 Hair clips!

I spent some time roaming around The Curve bazaar in hopes of finding something interesting.
But I was quite disappointed because most of the things there can be found in Times Square or Sg. Wang as well.
So after having our dinner, I decided to buy some hair clips because I thought since I've come all the way, I might as well get something cheap than to leave empty handed!

Flower hair clip. 3 for RM10.

However I only took this clip because this was the only one I wore before.

This is how I look with the hair clip.
Can't see the clip though hahah. I'm so lame.
The heart shape is to cover my bad hair fringe day. Sigh.

#2 Apparels!

This is obviously something I will and should not miss out when I go to KL/Selangor.
Reason for my shopping is because it was still Mega Sales!!
I definitely can't resist the temptation!

Top: Seed (actually this is old one :P)
Skirt: F Block (Sunway Pyramid)

I really love the skirt!
It was quite a bargain for me because I've always loved floral prints but having to look at the amount of floral prints dresses in Times Square and Sg. Wang makes me wanna puke a little because almost every shop sells the SAME clothes!!
I wouldn't wanna bump into somebody wearing the same clothing as me.

But F Block's apparels are a tad different from those you usually see in the aforementioned malls.
Truth be told, I went to F Block for quite a number of times but I couldn't find anything I like but I never stop trying. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
At least it proves hard work does pay off someday!!

#3 Nail polish!

One sentence to sum this up: I'm a sucker for nail polish.
I will somehow always be able to find different colors as my favorite because....I don't even know why actually. :S

This time around I bought a nude color from Beauty Credit right beside Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid.
It cost me RM9.90 but my urge to buy nude nail polish was really strong at that time because I saw the main actress in Step Up 3D wore it.
I know I'm so............bleh.
But what to do!! I really think her nails look pretty with the nude polish.

Trying to imitate the finger position a nail polish blogger would do when swatching the nail polish. Haha.

But I don't put any base coat or buffer my nails first hence the ugly looking nails. :P
The name of the color is Crystal Beige.

This is how the bottle looks like.

Oh well, I guess this is it for the meantime.
Will share with you all more of my beauty buys soon!

ps: Oh btw, I got into Top 30 for the My Selangor Story competition! THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING! I'll blog about it in my next post!



Jasryn said...

Ooo if you like floral type prints try checking out! The ask Norm to buy =P

CL said...

ooh I browsed thru the website and boy do they look interesting! Haha. Norman's gonna kill me. Haha

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