Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Up With Bro For Makan Session!


I know I haven't been updating much lately because I have been busy doing nothing.
Gahhh..there goes my 2 week holiday.
Felt like it's been too long and I should have done more than what I've done. Sigh.

Anyway, another "makan-makan" post! This time is with my bro!
(Geesh, the more I say the word makan, the weirder it becomes)

Hello! Long time no see! Haha.
Do we look alike?? ;)

As a working person, my bro decides everything so fast before I could even blink an eye.
And as usual, I had nothing in my mind of where to eat because he'll be the one treating me (since he's working and he's elder, nyehehe) but as soon as I met up with him, he straight away decided Kenny Rogers!
Without even asking for my opinion. Hmmph! Nah, not that I'm complaining anyway haha.

So Kenny Rogers we went!

Seconds after we were presented with the menu, the waitress came to take our order and I haven't even flipped through all the pages yet!
But my bro has already made up his mind on what he wanted to eat. T.T

So I sort of made the waitress wait for me because I really don't want to simply choose a meal that I might not even like!
I bet most of you know that the main meals in Kenny Rogers come with 3 side dishes and again, I couldn't decide which 3 side dishes I want. FML.

But it's all good!
The food was served shortly after we placed our orders!

My bro's meal. I think it's the Ramadhan promotion set meal.

I ordered quarter chicken and my side dishes cannot be short of anything cheesy. Haha!

Chocolate drink (can't remember what it's called)


Vanilla and banana flavored muffins!

Actually, there's nothing much to talk about Kenny Rogers food la because it's just one of those famous restaurants that need no introduction.
It's not like it's some hidden gem that has not been discovered or something.
So is this a blog filler? Oh well, you decide. :)

But anyhow, thanks, bro (or koko) for the treat!
I shall look forward to have more meet ups with you when I'm in KL whenever I want free food hoho! :P

ps: Do you know that you can have 10% off the total bill if you use your RHB credit card? Now you do! :)


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