Monday, September 6, 2010

BBQ Beef Ribs & Chicken At Chilis KLCC

Finally! My long awaited 2-week holiday is here!
As you can read from the title, my holiday is (probably) gonna be spent in KL!
Well, UK new semester starts in October so this is the last time I'll be seeing him before he leaves...again. :(
This time is most probably for a good nine months before he comes back again. :((

So anyway, right after I touched down in KL, Babe took me to KLCC to settle some stuff in his office and he was being pretty secretive about where we'll be having our lunch!
Hmm..he said it's something I've been craving for and I totally forgotten I mentioned to him before that I wanna some steaks at Chilis (so specific some more..sigh..a gf I am)..

And as we went up the escalator, I saw our lunch venue! :)
It was lunch hour at that time but we didn't have to wait long to be seated!

Browsing through the menu!

Didn't wanna be rude so no flash!

Taddaa! My new hairstyle. Looks kinda weird in this pic. Maybe it's been weird all the while but bangs grow very fast!! Now my eyes keep getting irritated! Urgh.
And I think I look kinda fat in this pic. FML.

Despite the huge amount of customers at that time, we didn't wait long before our food was served!

I was pretty amazed la because I thought cooking ribs and all isn't gonna be fast but I was wrong!
We ordered BBQ Beef ribs and Chicken - RM40.95.
Babe says one in a while splurging is allowed. :)
Just in case if you didn't see the chicken, it's the poor one hidden under the diced tomatoes and it's called Monterey Chicken Breast.
While the beef ribs is the one covered with the red bbq sauce!
Oh and the small bowl at the side, it's black beans.

And here comes something so good that I haven't tasted for quite some time till then:

The beef ribs! Yummmmmeh!

Abrupt ending to my food post.
Need to get ready for lunch with bro now!
Let's see how much of a camwhore my bro is. Hahah.


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