Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When The "R" Card Comes Into Play..

I remember when I was in the elementary school (kindy was far too early for me to remember a lot of things), everything was fine and peaceful.
Call me ignorant, perhaps the 'R' card has been played by some people but it didn't bother me at all maybe because I didn't read much newspaper nor did I have a internet access.

My first best friend was a Malay girl, so was my 2nd best friend and 3rd and the list goes on.
You might find it hard to believe, but those girls were awesome.
Then when "Kakak angkat's" were a famous hit in my school, I had a total of 12 kakak angkat's if I'm not mistaken. Scary but it's true. :P
The best part? All of them were Malays.

So ok, maybe that has got nothing to do with the "R" card that everyone has being making a hoo-ha about whether in Facebook, blogs, or twitter, etc. Or even in a song!
But of all the schooling time I went through so far, I can't deny that my elementary school memories had the most impact in my life.
I even remember corresponding letters to one of my favorite Guru Pelatih's and she was awesome too. And yes, as you've guessed it, she's a Malay, too.
So sweet that she even sent me a small souvenir as remembrance even after she left. As a kid, I couldn't be happier receiving gifts.

I could even recall the moments when we were celebrating our Independence Day in the elementary school.
We would wave the flags, sing the National Anthem, "Negaraku" and "Keranamu Malaysia" etc.
We sang our hearts out. Or at least I know I did.
Partly because if it wasn't loud and synchronized enough, we would need to sing it again.
But that's not the case. The fact that I was WILLING to sing out loud because I ENJOYED the songs and the lyrics.
So cool that I even cut out a newspaper article that showed all the previous years Independence Day logo with all their meanings and motto. I know, right? I think I still keep it till today.

Back then, I was very, very proud of my home country, MALAYSIA.

HOWEVER, as I grow older, everything seems to change.
In politics, we had a change in the government and a minister who brought up the "R" card.
In school, we have a headmistress who was said to have made offensive remarks regarding the "R" word.
In the entertainment industry, we have a singer who made a song regarding the "R" word because of the headmistress's doing, in tertiary education, need I say more?

Maybe there are more, but these are the obvious ones I know and read of.

In fact, we can't deny that in EVERY single one of us, there's a tiny weeny bit of "R" in us.
But as an educated person, we chose not say it out loud.
Not because we are cowards, because we use our brains to think and not to sit on.

We live in a country which is famous of it's multi-ethnics, which is known for its friendly people and being able to live harmoniously together despite the different skin color.


To even call people by animals, generalizing them because they have the same skin color and all?
It's frustrating to see how people from all backgrounds are bringing up the "R" card so very often especially on the day we were supposed to be united.

What happened to the time when we were in the 90's when the Malaysia I was once proud of was free from such commotion?
We are civilized, educated people who think before they act!

Okay, this is written after I read all those comments on Fb regarding the "R" word and this post is a neutral post whether you believe or not.

I'm just, just so disappointed with the people in Malaysia who are trying to bring the country apart. Are you not?



cheng ling said...

I have kakak angkats too back in Residensi. And yeah!!! I address them as kakak because they are Malays too, me Chinese adik angkat:)Like your post. Well written!

CL said...

Thanks, CL! Eh why same initials. Haha

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