Thursday, August 12, 2010

This Is How I Spell B-L-I-S-S (2)

Finally! My Lumut getaway Part 2!
Been procrastinating this post because I was too lazy to find time to edit the pics.
But guess what! These pics are still not edited wtf. :P

Babe and I only have weekends to be together because he's been working in KL while I'm here in Penang.
Everybody knows how fast weekends fly.
But we still try to make time for each other online as much as possible.

So on the 2nd day (or the last day) of our short getaway, we didn't do anything much because Lumut is kinda boring except for the excitement I got in the resort itself.
While we were still at the resort, we thought why not just hang out at the beach to well, take pics again and enjoy the sea breeze.
And that's exactly what we did!

But that was after we had our breakfast at the resort of course.

Breakfast was served from 7.30am till 10.30am.
The breakfast was as usual, eggs, sausages, nasi lemak, juices, buns, fruits, etc.

However, we weren't alone at the restaurant. We became friends with a lot of houseflies.
Isn't that awesome?
The room has no flies at all but everywhere else around the resort has lots of them.
Damn irritating, I must say.

Pictures ahead!


Toast, anyone?

CHEEEEEEESE. I didn't try it though.

Buns, cakes, etc.
I'm not much of a bread person.

Pancake + honey!

More bread!

Bread +butter & red bean.

The restaurant.


This is the consequences of using a DSLR for too long, you eventually forget how to use a compact camera. Hence, the pic. Not my hand!

Overall, the breakfast was kinda typical.
But the omelette was kinda nice, which explains the long queue. So we ended up only had one omelette. :(

After that, it was BEACH time!

It was already noon by the time we hit the beach but the weather was still fine.
It wasn't blazing hot, kinda nice just to chill out I guess.

No I'm not suicidal.

The beach is big enough for me to do a cartwheel! Duh.

This is actually another beach as it was separated by the beach we went to on our first day.

A DSLR+tripod+remote control complete the vacation.

Attempting some artsy-fartsy shot.

Hie there, hot stuff. :P

Babe got irritated by the flies and kept swatting them but to no avail.

Babe and his 'masterpiece'. Not sure what he drew also. hahah.

Back to the hotel to get ready to leave Lumut, which also means we've come to the end of our short holiday...

The carpet at the porch. I suppose they change it everyday!

But Babe being Babe, who always has a soft spot for animals, he insisted to buy a packet of fish food to feed the fish at the pond! :)

All in all, it was a nice trip although it was a tad too short because we didn't manage to explore the Lumut town.
But everywhere is cool when Babe's around. Heeeehehehe.

My lil' piece of advice is that if you wanna stay in Damai Laut Golf Resort & Spa, remember to come prepared with a flyswatter! SMACK!

And last but not least, THANK YOU, DEARRR! But please make sure you still have money left from your internship after spending on the holiday. :)



PixieFaerie said...

Heyy i went there last year for some family event. It's pretty good and I don't remember fighting with any fly.. Must be the season..hehe. u look great btw!

Thristhan said...

Wow, great place to chill :) By the way, I work with Holiday Villa Hotels & Resorts and we are organizing a gathering for a few bloggers in KL. Would you like to join us? It's planned to be on the 26th August.

CL said...

PixieFaerie: Thanks, LL! The flies are really irritating, though. Just like the flies in my uni. Hui Ping should know. haha

Thristhan: Replied on your blog! :)

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