Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Is How I Spell B-L-I-S-S (1).

I'm always the happiest girl alive when Babe comes back to Malaysia, or should I say when he's around.
Last 2 weeks, we went on our first holiday together after almost half a year or not seeing each other.
Babe knows how I've always loved the beach (not particularly the sun) and so he took me to a supposedly surprise escape to Lumut! :)

We left Penang around noon after having late breakfast at a coffeeshop in Island Glades.


He ordered chicken rice with roasted pork.

While I ordered Wan Than Mee! A super oily one, if I may add.

Then, off we went heading to our destination!

My surprise during the trip! Babe bought this Ferrero Rocher all the way from Australia! Not sure if it's sold here in Malaysia but the brown one was dark chocolate while the ones with silver wrapper was made of coconut. Nothing beats the original ones, though!

Perfect day for a getaway at the beach!

It took us about 2 hours plus to reach the resort excluding the time we stopped by for me to get my flip flops! Heee...what's a beach holiday without flip flops, right??
But let me tell you this, the journey there was kinda erm, long for me because I kept seeing green sceneries on both sides for a very long time before reaching the resort:

Finally after all the road signs...I see the light!

This way to the lobby, please. Awesome.

Waiting area.

While checking in.

Our welcome drink! Mango juice~

This is not the fun part yet..wait till you scroll down..just a bit more.......

Now tell me if this is not A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

At a different angle. Still awesome shit. Where have I been all this while? I never knew this place existed!

Below are soem of the shots taken around the resort:

The awesome swimming pool!

The room wasn't ready yet so we decided to check out the beach, after all Babe promised that it's gonna be a beach holiday! :D

It wasn't long till we got to our usual camwhoring mode. :P
It doesn't hurt to camwhore la, kan?

Thanks for the sweet surprise, love!

The weather helped a lot that time although it did rain in the evening.

Sweaty me with a hibiscus.

The beach! I gotta say that I loooooooooove empty beaches like this. They give you more privacy and you can camwhore for as long as you want! :P

See what I mean???

Playing with the rope hanging from the tree at the beach!

After that we checked into our room and got ourselves prepared for some swimming session!

Do not ask me anything about this picture ok... Hahahah.

Happy moments with him! :)

The swimming pool was awesome too!
It's actually an infinity swimming pool and it was my first time swimming in such pool! Hehe.

Anyhow, it was getting late and we decided to go to the town to find some food for dinner.
But before that, I gotta check my this-and-that. :P

No, wait. I think this was taken AFTER the dinner! Hehe.

These were taken after our dinner too haha. I really like the mirrors in the room! They're big and EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEE~

The lobby at night.

Not knowing where to go exactly, we drove around for quite a bit before settling at a bistro because most of the shops are either closed or they only sell those snacks and all.


Orange juice.


The menu.


I know I know the captions are so boring because I just drove back from a 3-hour drive on the highway and my 'battery' is almost flat d but the obligation to blog got the better of me haha.

Anytime is a good time to camwhore I'm just kidding.

Satay beef!

With fried rice.

The bistro! I don't really recommend the place because I think they overcharged my bf but he didn't notice it because he's always that nice.. T________T

Lonely street in Lumut. The town is just like Malacca town where you have to drive for a distance from the resort/hotel to reach there.

We then dropped by at the Lumut Jetty to see what they have to offer but I think because it was at night and most places were closed. So we ended up walking around a random night market.

After which we did some shopping for those back home and friends! :)

Babe looking happy holding Paul The Octopus's relative.

Headed back to the resort after that.

Wondering what makes the grapes bobbing up and down?
Nope, it's not the Bacardi.

It's the ice-cream soda! Too lazy to explain it here but the soda has gas so when it interacts with the grapes then blablablabla. Go google it la.

Trying to pull off a seductive look but major fail. =.=

Well this was basically what we did on our first day in Lumut.
Will blog about the next day soon!



ken said...

really nice place for holidays =)

Jasryn said...

I REMEMBER THIS PLACE! We used to go as kids!

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