Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lunch @ Pyramid

These pics were actually taken a few weeks back when I went to KL again for the weekend.
Everybody knows how fast weekends fly, but mine was extremely fast because I took a total of 8 to 9 hours of bus journeys to and fro.
Imagine how tired I was . T_____T

On the bright side, at least now I don't have to take pills for long bus journey!
Well yea, I have a very low tolerance towards bus rides, boats, car etc, you name it.
But I stopped taking the pills for almost about a year now and I can never be happier! :)

I think this should be on a Saturday because if it was a Sunday, I wouldn't have the time to dress up and have such proper lunch with Babe as I'll be rushing home to Penang.
So anyway, we went to have lunch at Sunway Pyramid and as usual, can't decide. AGAIN.

After which Babe decided to try something we have never tried before: Ayam Penyet something restaurant.

This was what he ordered.
Udang.........can't remember. Sigh. The consequence of leaving your blogging materials to collect dust in your lappie. :(

The atmosphere was really nice and they even have a special corner where you can sit on the floor instead of the usual chairs!

The entrance.

Nice lighting! I am a sucker for things that look messy and sexy at the same time. :P

See that little sheltered corner behind these people? It's the one I mentioned where you and your friends can sit more casually and hang out!

Overall the udang dish was kind of nice, quite spicy but the taste was still ok for someone who doesn't take spicy food like myself.

Next (remember I mentioned before that to try different food, we always go to at least 2 places to eat for a meal whenever we can, hence explaining why we don't order much food at one place), after some rounds of having no idea of where or what to eat again, we came across this beautifully-painted-with-grey restaurant.
It's called ZEN. *goes into deep spiritual connection with the untouchable*

They have set lunch which was the main attraction for me! :)
With nobody inside the restaurant, we thought it'd be a great choice since the food will be prepared with more effort and served faster as well!

Don't you just love the interior?

I didn't realize I took the chandeliers of both restaurants we went to until I browsed through the pics! :S

The menu. Apparently I heard Secret Recipe cakes are all made in KL and sent to all the outlets in other states everyday?

This was our order!

Ice lemon tea that comes together with the set lunch.

Complimentary keropok udang (prawn crackers).

Main dish: Teriyaki chicken.

Some soup.

White rice and watermelon slices as dessert!

This pic of mine was taken right before a disastrous incident occurred to my Red Devil. :( Babe accidentally dropped it from around 10-15cm when he was about to pass it back to me!!!

As devastated as I was, I still forgive him because I told him exactly which camera I want if Red Devil ever gives up on me after that. HAHAHAHAHA. :P

But my Red Devil is already scarred for life! >:(

This is some strawberry sorbet? Can't remember again fml. T____T

The choices of desserts! *drools*

Look at the face filled with guilt!

As expected, the food was served really quick (although the waitress was really cool and not showing any expression on her face) and the price was around RM10 or plus for the lunch set.
The dessert probably cost around RM8 if I remember correctly.

That's all for now and Babe's coming back to Penang for the weekend! Yayyyy!


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