Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Should I Name This Entry?

Ahhh well, I'm done for the week.
5 days of holiday torturing days ahead of me and I'm totally not prepared for it.

Anyways, I've just finished a test. In fact, it's the first test I've had since I started my senior year.
Truth be told, I didn't think I did well at all.
Thanks to bad time management (again) and lack of understanding of the subject.

Initially I told my friend I wanted to sit beside her so that we can copy each others' answers because I wasn't really prepared for the test.
In the end, we did sit together during the test but my conscience suddenly told me not to cheat. wtf.
I must admit that I did cheat before when I was in my freshman year during tests where my friends and I will exchange some answers among us.

But as I grow older more mature, I realize that I don't want to lead this kind of life in my university years (of course it depends on individual, if you or your friends do not mind exchanging/letting you see her answers then good for you).
This is because when you cheat, you wouldn't know exactly how you do in tests/exams.
I believe that I should get the marks I deserve.
No matter how high or low it is, at least I'm not cheating and I get to know my understanding level more clearly.

While doing the test earlier, I must admit that I noticed some of my friends were exchanging answers.
Of course, I'd prefer if they had spoken louder and let my ears do the cheating for me.
But too bad, I can't seem to interpret anything they discussed. Not that I was listening anyway.
Then my friend offered me the formula to the problem we were supposed to solve.
Amazingly I declined her offer wtf.
Obviously at that time I still don't know how to solve the question la.

So I'll probably get zero for that but for the other 3 questions, let's just say I have my fingers crossed throughout the entire test.

So my point of writing this post is not to tell you that if you cheat, you're gonna regret for the rest of your life or you do not deserve the marks you get or you should be ashamed of yourself and the likes.

What I'm trying to say is that this is my life.
I choose to be truthful to myself and by being truthful, I know I will be able to appreciate my university life better this way.

And about my skype status saying, "the price you pay for not cheating", it was meant to be a sarcasm, in case you don't get it.

Ps: To my friends who feel offended after reading this post, please don't. It is not meant to be an attack or anything. It is just what I feel inside and I'm not trying to judge anyone at all whether you cheated or you didn't.

pps: To people who feel that I'm trying to tell the whole world how noble I am for not cheating in test, ahya, just leave my blog la. I don't think I need to explain myself.

ppps: Lame entry title. I know. But I'm gonna watch Glee now! No time to think so much!! :D



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