Thursday, July 22, 2010

What If...

This post is specially dedicated to those who are attached, hopefully not married before reading this or about to be involved in a relationship.

Have you ever thought that your other half might somewhat be related to you?

Growing up in Penang for all my life (thus far), this question has of course dawned on me before.
To make things worse, my current beau (as if I have lots before haha) is from Penang as well.

Everyone knows that Penang is a small, teeny weeny and an over-populated island.
The possibility of you being related to someone you know but didn't know he/she is from your extended family? Undeniably high.
And since young, (when I know nothing about boy and girl kinda relationship) I've always wondered if I'm anyhow related to my friends, blood related that is.

We (Babe and I) talked about this before, that what if we are somewhat related to each other and but didn't know it?
We all know that different surname does not mean you can't possibly be related.

Babe has a really big family (not direct, but both his parents are from really big family) and things can get pretty messed up when you wanna link this to that and etc.
For more than 6 years being with him, I have never been in the position where we might possibly have common relatives.

To my surprise, upon checking my fb earlier, a friend of mine, who is a senior from my high school messaged me, saying that she thinks my bf is her 2nd cousin!
For one thing, I am grateful that my senior friend is not MY long lost cousin (as of now, hahaha)!
If not, oh my..I can't imagine what I would do. ahha.
But if it's 2nd, 3rd, etc cousins, shouldn't be a problem, right?

But I guess it'll still be a tad awkward.
Imagine you have to call your bf's uncle, 'Ah Ku, Ah Teow, Ku Kong' and the likes..hahahaha.

Oh wow.
Such is life.



Jack Ng said...

dropping by to say hi :)

Anonymous said...

I certainly cant imagine mine^^ No way I will let it happen^^

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