Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pasta de Gohan

Day 2 in KL was spent in The Amusement Park in Times Square.
I'll blog about it soon and if not, you'll probably just have to stay tuned to his blog!

So now I'm gonna blog about his Day 3 back in Malaysia! :)
Actually there's nothing much to blog about that day because I had to leave for Penang at 5.30pm.
Oh wells, we did have a nice lunch at Sunway Pyramid and I took some pics so I'll just blog about that!

On our way there!

Just like most couples, we always have problems deciding on what and where to eat.
It's easy if we have tonnes of money to spend, but as students, everything needs to be within the 'student's' budget.
Nevertheless, we will never reach to the point of arguing just to decide on where to eat. :)

So, anyways we (or rather I) decided to have some pasta for lunch!
Seriously, we walked around and still couldn't decide after some time and Babe gave in to my pasta cravings. Hehe.

The place we went to was called Pasta de Gohan.
I've never been there before nor noticed its existence actually.

Staring at the huge menu.

Before we could even make up our mind on what to eat, Babe decided to play around with his BB (iPhone) because I've recently downloaded the Fb app for him.

Then he instantly took a few photos which were uploaded to his Fb at the very moment and we still haven't ordered our food yet wtf. =.=

Finally orders were made!
Here's some pics of the restaurant:

Beautiful flowers decorating the restaurant.

Babe and still not wanting to let go of his BB. =.=

Me looking a little cock-eyed without my lenses. Arghh I cannot believe it that now I actually think that those lenses actually made a huge difference.
Sigh. But I'm not gonna wear them that often. My eyes need oxygen too, ya know!

We ordered the lunch set which comes with a choice of pasta and pilaf.
We got the prawn pilaf and Carbonara Waruku Style.

Carbonara Waruku Style.
A bit too cheesy for Babe but definitely thumbs up for me because cheese is loveeeee.

Prawn pilaf. It tasted more like a normal fried rice but a really really delicious normal fried rice. Haha. Aish, I don't think I can ever be a food blogger.

Even the food is not good enough to tempt him away from his BB.

Ice lemon tea for both of us!

Checking out the chilli powder with some weird expression.

O hai! Babe is amazed by how small the spoon was. =.=

Satisfied with our food in the end!
But definitely not the bill because the restaurant charges RM1 for the wet tissue.
Which means we had to pay an extra RM 2 (excluding the taxes and service charge) for 2 sachets of wet tissue.
They did put a notice at the front door that they'll be charging though.
So remember to take those tissue back if you happen to dine there and decided not to use the tissue because you can always use them to wipe your make up off!

Nothing much to do and buy after that so we walked around Sunway Pyramid and snapped a few pics.
Most of the pics were in his iPhone and I've only got this pic in my Red Devil, so enjoy!

Lonely weekend ahead. :(


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