Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lunch With Her!

Guess who I had lunch with recently? It's THE CY! (must try to praise her more from now on if I want free meals ahahahah)
Nah, it's not some big secret or fact I mentioned about it just a few posts ago.

So I suggested Harvest In Cafe in Irrawady Road because of the atmosphere and the affordable price.
It was my 2nd time there, my 1st was with Sheena to celebrate her birthday this year!
Didn't blog about it because I didn't have my red devil yet at that time... :(

Must put my aviator there to show more classiness wtf.

Look who's looking happy with the good news. :)

Mushroom soup and garlic bread as starters!

Part of the decor in the cafe.

I like the white background and the holy-moly chairs. hahah.

Main dish: Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu at another angle =.=

Sliced! Sadly, the cheese didn't ooze out but it did later!

I ordered fish & chips!

I'm seriously in need of a new hairstyle..

Then after that we I did some shopping and that was when I got my Carlo Rino shoes!
CY must have felt annoyed by my indecisiveness hahahaha. :P

CY needed to feel the hi-tea atmosphere/feeling so we went to Winter Warmers!
Too bad both of us are not 'tai-tai' nor wearing floral dresses if not it would have been perfecto!

Liking in the interior!

Just pretending. She asked me to do wan.

She also asked me to do this. Hahah.

Then I let the master took over.

Some orange cocktail drink CY ordered.
Kinda nice..I would have ordered too if I wasn't broke at that time haha.


This is some kiwi blended I think. Totally can't remember but I think it reminded CY of some lau-sai (diarrhea) medicine.


That's CY thinking of the bright future that lies ahead of her!
Can you believe that was actually a fake expression??
My gawd, she can win Oscar d. Hahahah.

And then we noticed this cute girl who was standing behind me, outside the restaurant.
She was so cute and kept looking at CY. So I decided to take her pics and asked her to smile and do the peace sign and she did!
She's from a mixed parentage I reckon because the woman with her is a Chinese, her mother, I presume.

That's all for now!
Back to hostel d...but I'll be back to Penang tomorrow! :)

Nights, World!



cheng ling said...

I was surprised. The kid is a real cutey ryt? Small world. I see her almost everyday when I'm back in Penang. Her name is Amelia :)

CL said...

Oh sweet. U see her almost everyday?? Where? Or you're both related??

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