Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guess Who's Back!

Babe is!
In fact, he's been back for more than 2 weeks now, hence explaining the lack of activities in this blog. Hee.

To meet up with Babe who is currently staying in KL for his internship, I took Aeroline to Bandar Utama and to go back home, I took the same bus from Sunway Pyramid back to Penang.
Guess how much both ways cost me?

The seats in Aeroline. Pretty comfortable because it's huge enough for me to turn to the sides.

Sigh. So so broke. Hmmm, but I guess it's alright because it was worth every penny ringgit when I got to see him again. :)
But oh well, I paid for the service and comfort as well so it wasn't that bad la.

One of the best part of taking Aeroline is that they serve you with good food!
I've always thought that they only serve Subway sandwiches but I was wrong!
For my journey to BU, they served chicken rice from The Chicken Rice Shop! Yummy! :)
At least, it's something different.

And on my way back to Penang, they served some pasta and it was pretty good but I didn't manage to finish it all because the bus was soooo jerky and it made me feel like vomiting throughout the whole journey back.

Anywayyyyy, this time around, Babe gave me sooooooo many surprises I don't even know where I should start!
First was this!

My favourite chocolate of all time!
I wish I could have a serving of this in Aeroline next time. Haha. Dream on.

I shall reveal more surprises in my next posts!
I know, I know, an abrupt ending to my 'many surprises' but I'm too tired to continue writing for now.
Need to attend classes tomorrow morning. Gahhh.


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