Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner To Celebrate His Excellent Results!

Classes, training reports, presentation, lame lecturers are basically what my life is about now.
Wait till assignments and tests come by, I'll be even worse!

Anyways, since I haven't been updating for a while now so I guess I should try to get back on track with what I did last few weeks.
Oh, before that, remember I mentioned in my previous post that I went to the Berjaya Time Square Amusement Park with Babe? The post is up on his blog! Go have a look! :)

So I went to KL again on the 2nd week of July because I'm free like that I wanna make full use of the time I have with Babe while he's still in Malaysia.
I decided not to take Aeroline again this time because my money doesn't fall from the sky wtf.
So I took Plusliner instead which cost me RM35 one way but without the food, drinks, tv and good looking bus attendant.

On my way to KL. Pity those people who were in the opposite direction because the jam was crazzzzzy thanks to this.

I was really amazed by the new look of the waiting area upon arriving at the terminal. They renovated the place and it looks pretty decent and classier. Oh well not sure if the reno was recent because the last time I took Plusliner to KL was in Dec 2009 I think.

And I love the purple color!

See, not bad, right?

On that night itself, Babe and I went to a place we've never been before though the restaurant is quite near his house.

Rainy nights in Sunway.

Anytime is a good time for camwhoring! This is taken with my Red Devil! Oh guess what, my Red Devil has Low Light Mode which enables you to take pics even in low light condition. But your hand needs to be really steady though.

Reached our destination! Windmill Restaurant in Subang Jaya.

I have no expectation at all when I look at the exterior of the restaurant. But once I stepped inside, I already knew this is another The Ship kinda restaurant.

From the interiors, the table napkins (yes, you read that right), the candles, everything is just sooo The Ship. I'm not sure which one is the original one though.

Babe's happy because the treat is on me. T.T Haha.

The candle illuminating our dinner table.

And yes, he's still happy wtf.

And the food arrived after Babe stopped being so excited. I'm just kidding.

For the starters,

the usual bread and butter.

Mushroom soup.

Shrimp cocktail. Also the same as The Ship's but Windmill Restaurant is wayyy more stingy than The Ship. Look at the size of the serving. Urgh.

Because we ordered the set dinner, so we got to choose the drinks. Either coffee
or tea. :S

Babe ordered lychee. It tasted alright I guess. Am not a big fan of lychee.

*Warning: The entry will now be loaded with vain pics from this point onwards.

So because Babe and I are vainpots (cheh tak tahu malu :P), we always snap away when there are opportunities.
It was kinda awkward because the couple at the table beside us was looking at us...not sure why though.
Maybe they didn't expect there'll be a 'shooting' session in the restaurant itself. :P
But we were waiting for the main course ma.

Potong stim a bit, the main course arrived shortly after that.

And fml I forgot what it's called. Quarter spring chicken I think. Oh..oh yes it is!
Comes with the chicken (duh) and a cheesy sausage, with some mixed vege and fries. Oh well I guess you can see that from the pic itself.

I miss you. T.T And see that guy was forcing his eyes to open wider. =.=

The thing about us is that, we always like to do stupid faces in front of the camera when the other doesn't notice it.

So I did this when we were supposedly do a normal boring pose.

And on the next pic, Babe did this when I said I'll be normal. Oh sounds wrong but wth. =.=

Back to our normal selves. :D This is more like it. Haha.

I'm suspecting his mental condition actually.

GERMANYYY! Pirrrrah.

The chandeliers.

Playing with his BB.

Some weird-and-not-so-artistic shot I took. I like macro shots ma.
It's a glass of water with the candle behind btw.

That pretty much sums up the dinner we had at the Windmill Restaurant.
Nice ambience, nice food (although the appetizer was a bit too little), nice service and nice company too! :)
The price was a bit expensive but I guess you don't just pay for the food itself..

And oh, oh, congrats on your results, Babe! :) Hugggggggggs.


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