Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Mania!

Disclaimer: Please note that this post is written by a girl who only adores these footballers after watching them in a few matches especially in World Cup 1998 and 2002. She doesn't update herself with the latest English/Spanish Premier League etc and they might not even appear in this year's World Cup anymore so don't be so judgmental and say I'm outdated and all ok!

Yay World Cup is finally here!

I must admit, I know zilch about football except the good looking players with the exception of Ronaldinho, Ronaldo (not Cristiano), Roberto get the drill. Eh why all their names start with R and has O in them??
But don't get me wrong, looks do not determine their skill obviously!
Those bunch I mentioned in the latter are real skilled footballers, as far as I can remember, that's why a typical-non-exactly-a-football-fan girl like myself even knew their existence! :P

The reason why I even wrote this entry is to share with you all some great and hot footballers that actually caught my eyes even when I was as young as 11 years old wtf.
I'm gonna go by countries, so let's start things off with England!

England has always been the country I supported the most in World Cup, although I don't watch its League but I like the feeling when great players are gathered together in a team to play for the same purpose instead of their individual clubs.

#1 Michael Owen


He has gotta be my all time favorite player. I mean just look at him and tell me you don't get star struck. Fine fine maybe not in this picture.

#2 David Beckham

How can I miss this man when it comes to hot guy+football! But I can faint once he starts to speak. Go listen. Faint as in betul-betul pengsan not because kena-star-struck pengsan.

#3 Paul Scholes

I'm sure peeps who like Manchester United will know who this guy is. I honestly don't remember when I got to know about him...can't remember if he appeared in World Cup before but I've watched him played for Man U and I adore him!

#4 Rio Ferdinand

I remember him from World Cup and then Sir Alex Ferguson bought him to Man u! Woohoo!

okay actually there are a lot more but I'm just naming the few that came to mind. :)

Next up would be Japan! Why Japan you ask? Because I was CRAZZZZYYY over World Cup when Japan and Korea hosted it in 2002! I even kept the newspaper cuttings! *starts searching for the articles* Oh I think my mom made me threw them away how sad :(

And here's my Japanese football heroes!

#1 Hidetoshi Nakata

I love him!!! I used to know him as the best player in Japan and I wonder if he's still playing these days or has he retired? I admit I don't keep myself updated with football. :P

#2 Shinji Ono I'm still thinking why I have his name stuck in my head when it comes to football and Japan. There's something about him that kept reminding me of him..probably it's the bald head? But wait, I remember he used to be really cute back in 2002!

#3 Junichi Inamoto

My saviour! Okay wait was I rooting for Japan or England in 2002? Haha. I think I got confused. But this guy made the headline for scoring an important goal for Japan! I remembered how huge his picture was on the newspapers when he scored the goal(s) for Japan back in 2002!

I'm gonna continue with more countries soon. I hope.
And which country am I rooting for this World Cup? Honestly, I can't decide yet but I don't think it's gonna be England. Oh come on...look at the list of players! Where's my Owen, Scholes and Beckham??!!



Lukey Cher Hong said...

lol so good looks go first eh? :p
too bad i'm not such a world cup fan myself even though i'm a guy

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