Saturday, June 5, 2010

Western Food @ Mount Erskine

It was my dad's birthday!
We decided to have a small and really quick dinner because everyone needs to work on the following day.
Initially we planned to go to the nearest Pizza Hut franchise since dad likes western food but in the end we settled for the famous western food stall located in Mount Erskine.
I remember how hard I tried to locate the stall last time because it used to be just a plain stall with zero decorations.
All I could remember about the place was that it's situated on the right side at a corner along Mt. Erskine. :/

But this time around, I was amazed! Finally they were willing to spend some money on some colorful lighting on the fence to attract people and I can easily spot them now!
I've been to this place a couple of times, and now they totally have a whole lot of addition to the menu!
But the price has increased since they are getting famous or probably already famous now.

Upon reaching there, the front side of the stall was almost fully occupied but luckily we managed to get a spot for ourselves.
I was really really hungry then because we reached there at 9pm no thanks to procrastination! :P

We ordered 3 bowls of mushroom soup.
This was the first time I tried their mushroom soup and it totally didn't taste like the typical mushroom soup just like the ones you get in Pizza Hut.
It has some corn taste with it but you can't find no corn kernels in it somehow. Only mushroom bits.
But it was really tasty! If I'm not mistaken it was only RM2.50 per bowl.

Mushroom Soup

And here's the main dishes of the day!

Dad and sis ordered Indiana Chicken. Not too sure why it is called that but they are very
generous with the sauce! :) Don't ya think??

Mom ordered this. It's called the....I can't remember what it's called.
But it is covered with tomyam sauce if I'm not mistaken.

Fish Cordon Bleu. A tad too hard for my liking but the inside was.. *scrolls down*

OMFG CHEEEESSSEEEEE! And it's still flowing! Higher fluidity than the cheese in Pizza Hut I bet.

The thing I like about this place is that they spoil you with super lots of choices of western food at almost the same price.
Another reason is that most of the food on their menu cannot be found elsewhere.
That's what that makes it so special.
I'd really love to try all of them in the future!
All the dishes above were priced at not more than RM9. And we only spent a total of RM40 for 4 people! Not bad at all, right!

Birthday boy man!

Family picture! Without sis and bro though. :(
Pardon my super uninviting smile because I was tired after work.

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!

Sigh looks like this is another half-heartedly written entry. I wonder what is wrong with me these days. Somehow I just can't find the mood to blog better.



jfook said...

The food looks good.

CL said...

Yup..but the taste is just alright I feel.

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