Monday, June 21, 2010

Touch of An Angel

Since a lot of people have been going gah gah over the devil silicone case cover for cell phones, I thought I might do something different.

Credits to yangchun? Nice name you got there man.

I feel like I've been neglecting my iPod Touch for the longest time everr.
That's because all I did was uploading songs and apps onto it and not taking care of its exterior other than the plastic protection that Babe got from eBay.
The plastic protects it very well at the front but the dust keeps accumulating behind because the back plastic can't cover the entire surface. :(

So one day, I made up my mind that I have got to get a better case for my iPod because I really don't wanna feel guilty causing scratches on its booty back.
I was so tempted to get the devil case to add another devil to my family of devilish gadgets. Hahah.
But I couldn't even find such cute case for iPod Touch! Mostly are for iPhone or Blackberry. Fyi, iPhone and iPod Touch might look similar, but iPhone is way bulkier than iPod Touch.

Almost at the verge of giving up, I suddenly saw another booth in Gurney Plaza selling cell phone pouch and etc.
And I found this!

It's a pink silicone angel!
So cute right! Especially the little wings at the side!!!

Hehehe. Left only one and it's pink. I wanted solid white. :(
But it's alright. Actually, no it's not alright because it was a rip-off!
I bargained a little with that sales girl la so at least it made me feel better although it's still absurdly priced. Ceeesh.

When the Red Devil meets the Pink Angel, both fighting for an apple wtf.

See those cute little hands?? Aww..damn I still wish it was in solid white. I want a Snow Angel. :(

Argh shucks time to sleep again. More posts soon!


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