Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tokyo Love And Reptiles, Too?

I love surprises and gifts. After all, who doesn't?
Although I'm not the kind of person who likes to give gifts because normally I rather treat.
Somehow I feel that satisfying the tummy is better than risking giving someone something they might not like.

Anyway, last weekend, I received a gift from Tokyo, Japan!
I went out with CY whom recently went to Japan for an interview, to have lunch and she bought me this!

It came with a red packet. CY says the Japanese are very thoughtful people because they know that the things she bought were meant to be given as gifts or souvenirs! Hence the red packets.

And what's inside the packet you ask?

It's a key chain that supposedly brings good luck and wealth, I think (not that I can read Chinese or Japanese). But it's really cute! *starts thinking which part of my room has the best feng shui to hang this on*


On a side note, I bought myself a new pair of shoes, sandals to be exact!
It's always a good thing when you can share your shoes with your mom because when she spoils yours, you can always get a replacement for free AHHAHAA.
Well, it doesn't work vice versa so HAAHAHAAHA.

My first ever Carlo Rino shoes!
Call me materialistic or what, I got it during sales. Like I said, I always buy things when they're on sale!

Gladiatorrrrrr sandals!
I'm no reptile killer ok...I choose to believe that this is artificial skin wtf.
But I don't know for real and at the price I got them for, they shouldn't be real haha.

Ooh, the details.

Oh well, I've always lived by this saying:


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