Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tick Tock ETA 19 Days!

Woooh it's been really long since I wrote anything about Babe and I.
I think I've been trying to avoid writing something mushy or lovey-dovey about us so that I don't drown myself in memories of us.

I guess I've been through the moments where I keep telling him how unfair our lives are, having to be separated from each other for such a long time before we can see each other again.
And the total duration we have when we meet every year doesn't even sum up to a month.

When I browse through pictures and blog entries where people are talking about their love lives, how they spent their time with their loved ones, all I can do is to be happy for them and thought to myself why I can't have that same experience anytime I want.

But it's funny how we take things for granted without even knowing we are actually doing it.
There are couples who can meet anytime they want yet they can still argue and threaten to break up with each other.
I do take things for granted too, just like when I argue with Babe even though we don't see each other.
But when we do see each other, I'll never have the heart to argue with him because he's just so sweet. :P
I talk to Babe every single day, and that's the only contentment I can get for now.

Actually...I don't even know the purpose of this entry, just like every other entry I wrote :S
I guess maybe it's because he's coming back in 19 days' time??
I've been dreaming of him every night for the past week. I think I'm missing him too much.
Sounds exaggerative but it's true!

It's ok! I'm gonna be a good girl and big girls don't cry or so says Fergie.
I'm trying to plan my first weekend with him come this July!
I'll be in KL then but can only stay for the weekend because I still need to work on the following week. Sigh.
Good news is we're going to be together again (starts humming Janet Jackson's Together Again) and bad news is I'm a bad planner.
Shopping is definitely gonna be in my plan and I think that's gonna take a lot of time for someone as fickle minded like myself (oh whee Babe suddenly comes online)!
And I don't think he fancies that so let's go for food instead! Any nice suggestions, peeps?


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