Sunday, June 27, 2010

Steamboat for Birthdays!

Hello hello hello! Feels like my blog is growing cobweb already.
I've been busy with my internship report lately so I'll only have time for blog entries with minimal words.

So last Thursday, my uni friends and I headed to the town right after work to celebrate two of our friends' birthdays in advance.
Making decision on the venue was such a hassle that day but in the end we settled for the initial suggestion which was to have steamboat at the famous steamboat restaurant opposite UMNO building.
Not sure what the place is called in English but in Mandarin, it's known as "Huo Guo Zhi Jia".

We arrived at 6 something and there were still many empty tables around.

Friends waiting for our tables to be prepared.

Friends who are obviously happy because we can haz fooooood.

Pouring in the 2 different flavored soups.

Food oh glorious food.

My cutest friend ever and the birthday girl, Beautiful.

Wide selection of balls! Erm, fishballs I mean.

Just as the stoves were fired up, so was our appetite!

Fishball and sausages!

Shrimps and eggs.

They even have pastries!
But I don't like having pastries during steamboat session so these are obviously not my picks.

HJ's secret recipe. She's gonna be a superb housemaker + career woman. Anyone interested to know her? :P

Continue feasting.

My partner in crime. Haha.

One of the few things you can't avoid during steamboat is definitely the injuries since it was part bbq steamboat too.
This is some kind of medicated cream that smells like shaving cream (according to my friend who got her hand injured) given by the restaurant worker.

After leaving it on for a moment and rinsing it off, her hand went from red to pink!
Hope she's alright now. :)

The birthday cake! As I mentioned, we were celebrating 2 of our friends' birthday and one was 22 years old while the other one was 23 years old.
Not too sure how my friend settled the candles then!

Happy birthday, girls!

The restaurant charges extra for every 100g of leftovers on the table. So be wise in choosing your food if not you'll end up hiding them like what my friends did. :P

Overall, I don't like the steamboat there. I've had better ones and if I had a choice, I won't go there because the food doesn't worth the RM20 you pay.
Unless u eat a lot but the food is still not very appetizing.



theeggyolks said...

wow!! that's a lot of FOOD!!

TOLANIC said...

How's the soup and the sauce? Are they better than Johnys?

CL said...

Tolanic: I've never tried Johny's! Soup and sauce are normal only I feel..

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