Sunday, June 20, 2010

Night Market With 4D

It was on a random night that my mom suddenly wanted to go to the pasar malam (night market).
Being the nice daughter as I have always been (coughs*), I decided to accompany her despite having to wake up at 6am on the next day for work.

So as usual, I took my Red Devil along just to see what interesting things I could snap while strolling along the place.

This night market which is open every Thursday is situated along Thean Teik Road, just along the road to Sunshine Farlim.
I went there with Babe before when it was near CNY and there were more stalls but now it's rather empty.

Some random laksa stall. Which reminds me, I can't even remember when was the last time I ate laksa. T___T

Pearl/Bubble Milk Tea. I tasted this before at the Macallum St. night market which I thought was kinda yums! You can even choose your own fruit flavors and they have a lot!
Not too sure about this one though because I didn't stop by to have a look.

Stall selling watches.

Accompanied by the moon which looked awesome that night.

Another stall selling random goods at very low price.

And this was what I stumbled upon at the stall:

Is this supposed to look cool on your bag or something?

Then I saw this little cute boy who was staring intensely at the toys, probably wishing they were all his. Aww.
Suddenly this cute chubby little girl squatted down beside him and started patting him for some unknown reason. :S

Exact replica of designer goods which is a pretty common sight in a night market.
I wonder if anyone would really buy it although it looks pretty real from the outside I suppose.

And this is where things got more exciting.

There was this old uncle whom I thought was selling some magic stuffs because he said he was going to make 2 hamsters appear from the 2 pieces of papers cut into the rodent's shape.

Curious, my mom and I stopped by to see just for the fun of it and suddenly instead of a magic show, he went on to perform an astounding stunt which was putting off the lit joss sticks with this bare hand. :O

I was wondering why would he put up such an act, must be trying to sell something.
And I was right!

Right after his performance, apparently he looked like he was in pain and then he started putting some medicated oil on his burning hand.
No prize for guessing what he was gonna do next.

He started telling people how effective this oil to relieve all sorts of pain especially when we get burned and when the elders have muscle pain and all.
3 small bottles for RM20. I don't know about how true it is but a lot of people bought it.

So it was pretty obvious he was trying to make the audience stay longer while inserting these performances in between before bringing out the hamsters.
Oh I forgot to mention the hamsters were supposed to knock down the bowling pins and each pin has a number at the bottom.
In other words, the hamsters will knock down 4 pins altogether and you're gonna be a fool rich this Saturday (which means yesterday to be exact) if you buy 4D.

Unleashing the secret weapon.

A cute little boy got to pat the hamster.

Tadda! The fat hamster (the other one is a skinny one. He calls them Ah San and Ah Pui) knocked one down and it was number 5.

Writing down the number.

After letting the hamsters knocked down 3 pins, he tried selling some other things again.
If I'm not mistaken, he was offering some food and selling some skin cream.
I was so bored already and it was 10pm so my mom finally decided to go back without even knowing what the last number was.

The crowd.

Spotted the cute boy who patted the hamster. Kinda good looking for a small boy hahaha. But too bad can't see his face here.

Some random pic I snapped using the night snapshot.

The whole performance thing got me curious because for one thing, I don't believe in gambling and I hate gamblers. I have my reasons.

I'm okay with gambling (only on a very small scale) during CNY but not the 4D, Magnum and Totos.

So I was wondering if making money from gambling is as easy as he claimed to be, why must he still be selling things at the night market?
Why not just stay at home and let the hamsters decide on the numbers and he might even be really wealthy now, no?

So did anybody bet and win on the number yesterday or was he just another conman? You tell me.


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