Monday, June 7, 2010

I Was Supposed To Watch Shrek :(

To start off this entry, I would like to say, I hate Queensbay parking. Period.

Anyway, yesterday I had a day out with my sister to Queens.
We planned to catch Shrek Forever After after CY turned me down (grrr...) but it was sold out.
Really fml lor. Already took so long to find a decent parking space (although in the end also not very decent la but all cars are safe wtf) and Shrek has to be sold out. :(

Raining while on my way to pick sis up.

So I suggested we head for a light lunch instead.
We walked around for a while and couldn't make up our mind because we didn't want anything heavy so I suggested McDonalds because I was sick for the past weeks and didn't get to enjoy McD so it's about time you see.

But I was too hungry so I ate my favorite Chicken McNuggets and the fries all so fast that I didn't even bother to take any picture as remembrance of how long I abstained myself from eating McD. :)
I got so bored after that because I was waiting for my sister to come back to McD with this:

We sneaked in Uncle Bob's into McD! :D
If you guys haven't already know yet, Uncle Bob is famous for its chicken (as in the animal, I don't think he's a pimp).
You can usually find his stall in the night markets around Penang Island.

Then I got bored again after a a while and started playing around with my camera.

A random shot of McD from where I was sitting at.

Another random shot of McD.
Played with Color Accent (yellow only).

And another random shot of McD.
Played with Color Accent (orange only).

Told you I was bored.

Then we did a little shopping in Popular and sis got some stuff for her kid student.
I really tried to find the cardboard for my Operation (C) Big Surprise okie! But all those I found was smaller.
So stop saying I'm not giving a damn about it ok!!

Then after that we dropped by JCo Donuts because sis said their yoghurt is a must try.
I was never a fan of yoghurt and I'm still not except for yoghurt drinks..but JCo yoghurt is obviously different from the normal yoghurt you get from the market because they let you choose your toppings!
They have lots of different toppings which includes the typical fruits, almonds, lychee (okie I cheated I just noticed that from my picture), some choco stuff and a whole lot more!

Choices for toppings.

Our beautiful yoghurt with strawberry, kiwi and almonds toppings = RM 8.67 without the tax!
Don't ask me why it's 67cents.

I think I just found my new love.

Make you drool again. :P

I AM HAPPY! Thanks to sis for the treat! :)

And because I'm not only bored, I'm boring as well.
So I'm gonna end my blog entry with my vain photos. :)

This photo was captured accidentally by myself when I was watching tv while vaining halfway. My fingers are awesome!!!

Remember to try Chicken McNuggets Uncle Bob's Chicken and JCo's yoghurt! :)



Lean said...

Dropping by ere .. =). nice pics there. Do drop by to mine too yeah. have a great day..

KwOnG FeI said...

love uncle bob too.. never thought penang also have..

judy said...

chia li!!! 2 thumbs up for jco's yogurt ice cream!!! weee......

CL said...

Lean: Thank u! Will do! :) hope u have a great day too!

Kwong Fei: Oh they have it in other places too? Cool..

Judy: Yay next time we go eat ok! :) Take care over there!

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