Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New IC Finally!

Funny how people try to get in a controversy while I just sit back and laugh at the comments of people who obviously never read the rest of her story published.

Anywayyy, because I wouldn't wanna be involved in such controversy, I'd rather talk about what I've been up to lately!

Last week, I went to make a new IC! It's been so long since I updated my IC and it felt good to actually renew it because I looked hideous in my old IC! :P

And it wouldn't be fair if I don't upload a picture of my soon-to-be-old IC. Here ya go!


I was really bored while waiting because apparently the system was slow according to the announcement made. So I took out my Red Devil and started playing with it while listening to iPod <3.

My mom and I were sitting behind this little precious, Yasmin.
She was really cute and was probably teething as she was biting her fingers most of the time.
I always have a soft spot for babies.. :)

After a while, the people came and went (and my mom and I were still waiting for our turns) and suddenly it crossed my mind that I was sitting behind an interesting group of people!
Get what I mean? :)

We waited for more than 2 hours and finally we were done!
The service was quite good actually because although they announced the system was slow (not down), the staff were really polite and friendly. Just like what we see on the tv ads. Haha.
My mom and I waited for 2 hours because of the commoners (is it even appropriate to call them that? citizens perhaps? customers?? okay sounds wrong) who were stalling the entire progress ish.
When it was both of our turns, we took less than 2 minutes in total. See what I mean by the good service?

The rest of the pics were taken when I was about to leave the building.
Yes yes I got nothing better to do than to accumulate picture folders in my lappie. :P

I tried taking this pic with low ISO but it didn't turn out nice. Whereas this is auto ISO.
Broad daylight should use low ISO no?

Too lazy to put any caption...not that these pictures need caption anyway!

Time to sleep! Toodles!

ps: You have to wait for a month before you can get the new IC actually. I don't know what's with title...


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