Friday, May 21, 2010

Tea Session & Crepe-y (Creepy) Moments With Friends

I'm on MC today.
I hate taking MCs unless I really have no choice.
In my years of experience in working (although not permanently since I'm still studying), I seriously detest taking MCs.
I most probably have taken less than 3 MCs in my life thus far.
Not too sure why but I really don't like the feeling of staying at home because I rather be doing something than to rot at home like now.

But this time, I'm down with cough, sore throat and minor flu since last Sunday.
I got the medicine from my company's clinic which didn't help at all, instead I think my cough got worsen after that.
Sigh. So right now I'm here to spend some time trying to earn some side earnings through Nuffnang!
Well, this is not possible if it wasn't for friends and readers like you all!
So, THANK YOU! Muahh!


So today I'm gonna talk about what happened last Saturday!
Last week was pretty tiring so I decided to have some time with some friends just to chill out and to kill time!

CY asked Eve and I out since we haven't met for god knows how long and we went for some tea session ala CY's style: Starbucks at Borders.
Had some girly talk session, updating each other with the latest happenings and they're all gonna graduate soon except for me. :(
Didn't take any pics in Starbucks because I was busy talking ahah.

On my way to fetch Eve.

I introduced them to my Red Devil and they claimed that my Red Devil is sexayy! Hahaha. Not bad eh?
Then I forced them into taking pics!

Took this pic in Forever 21 and got warned by the staff. :(

Would you believe if I say this is the first time we actually took a picture together?
After knowing each other for a decade...

The ever full-of-expressions CY.

Then later in the evening, I rushed to another side of the island just to meet up with my uni friends for even more chilling session! Hehe.
We went to the Crepe Cottage in Gurney Drive to have dinner but I didn't have appetite at all the whole day. :(

The interior.

The selections they have.

Knowing that I have been taking pics almost everywhere I go, my friends gave in to me and let me go on with my picture frenzy. :P

Chit chatting about our internship experiences so far while waiting for our food.

SP & YT.

Serena & I.

CL & CL. Haha.

Finally the food arrived!
A lot of people have been complaining that the service is slow but I didn't really notice that.
Probably was too busy talking! :X

I didn't try to remember the names of the food that we ordered so I'll just let the pics do the talking instead.

Sorry, Beau. Although the photo is blur, but at least I still managed to capture your sweet smile! Hhaha.

WP & Beautiful.

The cool MC.

I know that it sounds very lame to not describe the food and the prices and all, probably because I'm listening to songs now and it's a tad distracting so it explains why this post is kinda boring...
Or maybe the cough syrup is making me drowsy.

Anyway, more pics!

This is the entrance.

This is how the cottage looks like. It's located right beside Coffee Island.

Decided to explore more of my Red Devil's functions! :)

I tried using the Long Shutter mode for 6 secs. Pardon my shaky hands or else the pic would have turned out great! Errrr.

And the consequences of eating crepes, I got sick the next day until now.

Off to rest for now,



Anonymous said...

u'r on leave...thot how u can upload photos during working hours...don't blogging n get well soon ya..

ohmywtf said...

wow..nice but fattening desserts! :-P

piggy~babe*vivi said...

omg!!! those desserts are so nice..have to go and have a try...thanks for sharing ya

theeggyolks said...

wow! super delicious desserts!! drool*

CL said...

Anonymous: I need to blog..wanna earn more more. ahaha.

ohmywtf: Yup but once a while nvm la. Hahah.

piggy~babe*vivi: make sure u try it! It's different from the usual crepes! U're welcome! :)

theeggyolks: heheh.

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